Friday, February 17, 2012


  Football season has come and gone, and now it getting time to bust out the peanuts and Cracker Jack's because baseball season is right around the corner. Baseball is my second favorite sport next to football. Now I am a Oakland A's fan, always have been. And even though I am looking forward to the upcoming season, at the same time I am not. I love my Oakland A's, but with all the trades they have been making lately it has been driving me crazy. Now a lot of people are saying it because they owner of the Oakland A's wants to move the team to another city. They are looking at staying in California and moving down the 880 freeway from Oakland to Fremont. Now I hear they are looking at moving to even further down the 880 freeway to San Jose. Personally I wish they would just re-built the stadium they are at now, and stay in Oakland. Now I know they share the stadium with the Oakland Raiders, but if they re-built the stadium to compensate both teams, I don't understand why it could not work.

  Both teams have been at the same place for so many years, if they both get a better place to play, you would think that would make them both happy. I mean that stadium is really old. The stadium opened September 18, 1966 and was only renovated once between the years 1995-1996. I know its really out dated, and one thing I really hate about it is its small uncomfortable seats. The other thing is, the Oakland A's have been in Oakland since 1968. Us fans love our team were they are at. And I really hope they end up staying right where they are now!
  So I just went on a little rant there, so back to why I am also not looking forward to the up coming season. So like I was saying, they keep trading off all our players. And it is really unfair to us fans. The Oakland A's have a great farming system. We get some great players. The problem is though, we keep them for a year or so once we bring up the players from Triple A ball. I have said this before, and I will say it again, I feel like the Oakland A's are the farm system for the rest of the MLB. If we would just keep the same group of guys for a good four or five years, they could become a really great team. The Oakland A's have not been to the playoffs since 2006, and have not been to the World Series since 1990.
  We have had some great teams and should have done more. But now that we can't keep a team together, the idea of going to the playoffs is hard to imagine. Now not say that it is not possible for the Oakland A's to make it this year, but lets be real. With all the other teams in our division stacking up there teams with all-stars and well, with our great players that the owner of the A's seems to like to just give away, the playoffs are not happening. Even having a young time that don't make the playoffs would not upset me if you knew they were going to be kept together so they can grow as a team and be a real threat to not only the division, but to whole baseball league.
  Now I am one of those fans who say every year that there team is going to make it to the championship game. No matter what the sport is, that's just how I am. I will support my team, even when they make you want to rip your hair out with the things they are doing with the team. Living in the bay area you get into it with your friends, family, or even other fans of the San Francisco Giants. Its all in fun, but can get very heated. Especially since the San Francisco Giants just won the World Series back in 2010. Even though its there first World Series win, and the A's have already won four, yes count them four World Series. Even though our last World Series win was in 1989, it was over the San Francisco Giants. Sorry, sorry, got into that who is better mood talking about the two teams. Like I said, its all in fun.
  Now as I was saying, since the Giants won in 2010 and our team has not done anything since 2006, its hard to be a A's fan. That does not stop me at all from rooting for my team and talking trash to the Giants fan's. But at the same time, it would be nice to have another Division Title at the very least. Its just sad when you go to the ball park or watch the A's at home, them being your team and all, and you don't even know who is on the team. They call out a name, and you go,"Who? Who is that?" Let the team grow together and become a force to be reckon with. Also to give the fans, you know the fans that pay all the money to see the team play and pay for over priced food, something to cheer for. I mean you get ride of all the fan favorite players, and still want us to pay full price? That makes no sense at all.  Why should I have to pay for a ticket for a Major League team, when you are a Triple A team. That's why this year I have been calling the Oakland A's the Oakland Triple A's. Hey I am a true fan, and they are making it hard to root for the A's, so I am allowed to say that.
  With all of what I am not looking forward too, I see can't wait to see the A's come out opening day to play some ball. The Oakland A's open the season at home against the Seattle Mariners on Friday April sixth. I really hope the A's can do something big this year, and win some games. Playoffs are not looking that great, but I will still keep the hope alive that they can make it. I will always be a fan of the A's, and don't have any plans of crossing over to the dark side of the San Francisco Giants. Sticking with my green and gold. You have to take the good with the bad. Having said that, you will find my friends and I at the games and at home chanting,"LET'S GO OAKLAND!!!!"

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