Tuesday, February 28, 2012


   You know something that really makes me laugh? Is when a guy or girl, gets with someone and completely  changes who they are. How all of a sudden, there friends are not good enough for him, cause she has a problem with them. I have never understood how someone can just turn there back on there friends and change who they are for a girl.

   Having said that, last night I had a big fall out with someone I thought was a friend. Now I know I am not the easiest guy to get a long with. I am very opinionated and talk loud. I speak my mine and tell it as it is. People tend to not like hearing the truth. One saying I have always lived by is, a friend will tell you what you want to hear, a true friend will tell you what you need to hear. I truly believe in that saying. Now having say all that, I am a loyal friend. I will have your back and if I can help you out if your struggling, I will. I would give you my shirt off my back if needed.

  The problem I had last night is when I was told that even thought my so called friend knows his girlfriend is wrong in the crap talking she was doing, but he did not care. He is going to straight out tell me, no matter what, whether she was right or wrong, he is going to side with her and never tell her she is wrong or out of line cause he does not want to lose her. I just don't see how you can tell friends that you have known for over ten years to piss off over a girl that you have not known even for a year. And I love all the double standers he has because he does not want to lose her. So its okay for her to talk out her ass and try to break up marriages, but if anyone says something to her or try and get her to explain herself, we are wrong and its not right for us to say one word to her? To quote WWE Superstar Zack Ryder,"ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO?!"

    At the end of everything, I tried giving you a second chance when you asked for it. I did not have to befriends with her, I could careless if she wanted to be friends with me at this point. I could have gone on with everything the way it was, you are the one that brought all this crap back up. Going to tell me that me and the rest of your friends are low and you just hung out with us cause you did not have a choice? None of us put a gun to your head, none of us made you drink, made you walk around with a sock on your junk, or made you run down the street naked. You chose to do all those things. You where no different then the rest of us. Going to tell me you only drank alcohol cause your depressed, yet now your with her and your life is suppose to be so much better, but you just downed a six pack? Yeah don't make sense young one. 

   At the end of the day, you don't want to lose your girl so you are going to turn your back on the people that have been here for you for years. And to tell me that you are better then me and that I am low classic is something that I will never forget. I don't think that I am better then anybody. That is the sign of someone with low classic, to think your better then someone else! So go ahead and live in your fantasy world with a girl who had made you turn your back on the people that cared about you. And let her keep running all over you. And one day she is going to leave you, and that is going to be a very sad day for you. And the reason it is going to be a sad day for you is, no one will be there to help you up. You are going to be in a worse place then you where at before you meet your little princess. And like I told you last night, what you said to me was the straw that broke the camels back!!

   You want to step up to the plate and run your mouth, putting down someone who had your back. Well just be happy your out of town, cause I would have been out at your house showing you how men handle business. If you see me run, cause I am not playing with you anymore. You and your girl want to fuck with my family and my relationship, and calling me a verbal abuser? And then have the gull to tell me that your better then me and I'm low classic. Well like I said, you want to step up to the plate, we can handle this like men, and throw down. I will end this with a lesson, and the lesson is, don't let your girl's mouth  write checks your ass can't cash!!!! 

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