Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Just got done watching 11/29/11 episode of Sons Of Anarchy, and it was great. I loved that pretty much everything got thrown on to Jax's lap. I can't believe Tig did what he did. Here comes even more problems, that I can see going into season 5. I don't blame Opie for what he did. A lot went down and I can not wait till next week when they have the season finale. I really can't wait to see what happens with SAMCRO.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


   I just got done watching the mid-season finale, and man was it a good one. So Glenn tells everyone about the walkers in the barn. Which gets everyone in a up roar. Which I don't blame them, I mean to find out that you are sleeping 40 feet from a barn full of zombies when you think you are safe, for the time being, from them is very unsettling. Rick is still trying to convince Hershel to let the camp stay on the farm because his wife, Lori, is pregnant. Daryl and Carol talk if Carol will find her daughter Sophia. Dale is freaking out cause of Andrea and Shane, and tries to get ride of all of the guns, which Shane catches him and brings them back. Glenn pleas his case to Maggie.


   So I went out with some friends last not and we went to Pangano's Sports Bar. We had a good time just hanging out listening to music and drinking some Jack and Coke. Well I had Jack and Coke!!!!! It was a fun night with the boys, we left the ladies at home. Got to have that guys night out every once in a wail. Can't wait to go out with my boys again sometime soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


So the Oakland Raiders played the Minnesota Vikings today in Minnesota. The Raiders were, according to the papers and ESPN, the underdogs. Now why that is, is a mystery to not only me, but the whole Raider Nation. Not only do the Raiders have a better record then the Vikings, the Raiders are in first place in there division. They are on the road not only to the playoffs, but to shut up all the Raider Haters out there. Well even though towards the end the Vikings were making a little come back, the Raiders pulled out the win. Got to love Raider's football. The Raiders are now 6-4. Its been a long time since the Raiders been to the playoffs, and they still have some work to do. But the Raiders are looking good and I love that they are playoff bound!!! As Al Davis always said,"JUST WIN BAY!!"

Saturday, November 19, 2011


So last night my wife Crystal, my dad, my boy Johnny, and I went to Tommy's T to see John Witherspoon. Man talk about hilarious!! Man I have not laugh so hard in a long time. Well I guess I could say since I say Daniel Tosh back in August. I really need that laugh last night too. I mean who does not love pops from Friday and Granddad from The Boondocks? The opening acts were pretty good too. But John Witherspoon killed it. At one point I started crying I was laughing so hard. He started off the show with a bunch of quotes from Friday, which was awesome! He also confirmed that the new Friday movie and that another season of The Boondocks are coming. Got to love The Boondocks, and all the Friday movies have been great. At the end of the show, he was selling shirts and was taking pictures. So of course I took a picture with him! The funny thing is, we started talking and he held up the line to finish the conversation. That was cool. He is a very funny and good guy. I am very happy to have seen and met him. YEAH BOY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


   So let me start off by saying that I don't believe in hurting animals or killing them for there fur or tusk or what have you. I have two dogs and a cat. I don't mind groups like PETA who want to help animals and make sure they are not miss treated. But you got to be kidding me PETA for the fact that you are going after Mario from the Mario Brother games. PETA is going crazy over the Mario Tanooki suit that he wears in the new Mario Bros. game for the 3DS. For anyone who, and I don't know how you can't know, don't know what that is, its a suit that make Mario look like a raccoon and helps him fly and he can take out enemies with his tail. Also for anyone who don't know, a tanooki raccoon is a dog like raccoon that lives in Japan, and they are killed for there fur. And PETA is trying to say, that if Mario is wearing a Tanookie suit that he is supporter of wearing fur and the skinning of the tanooki raccoon. Now having said that you must be thinking,"Does Mario beat down the tanooki raccoon with a monkey wrench and then bust out a hunters knife and skin the thing alive to throw over his body wail it is dripping in blood and as the tanooki raccoon is twitching on the ground in pain?" Well no not at all, even though that is what PETA would like you to believe. Mario uses a leaf, yes folks I said a leaf, that lets him use the suit. And folks, no blood, guts, or bones are seen. There is no skinning of a animal of any kind.


Ok so I bought Modern Warfare 3 when it came out last Tuesday, and well, I already beat it. So it only took me like five or six hours to beat. Ok ok, so I beat it on the normal setting. I normally like to run through it and see how the story is before I try it on the veteran level. But I go so many game coming out that I want to play I wanted to get it done. It was fun but short. I really liked the story mode and don't usually don't play to much online play for Modern Warfare 3. Just not my cup of tea. I do plan on playing some online play with some friends. I will try it out and let you know what I think once I do.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


   So I final beat Dead Island. I got it when it first came out on September 6 and only played it once. I did not realize when I got the game that it was a RPG. I thought it was just like another shooter game that happen to be about zombies. So I was a little shocked when I popped it in and yup, RPG. So like I was saying, I was started the game and played for a couple of hours and turned it off. My wife then took it from my 360 and started playing it on her system. So fast forward two months and I finally start playing it again. So there are five different place of the island, the resort, city, jungle, laboratory, and the prison. I would have to say that the city when it starts to rain and get dark, it is the creepiest of all the locations. There are also different kinds of zombies. You have your basic zombie called Walkers. They are slow, but can still move with some quickness if they need too, they are pretty beat up looking, with bite marks or bones showing etc. Infected are zombies that have just turned.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


So I started making tamales yesterday and I am finishing up today. I made the meat yesterday. I would have finished yesterday when I cooked the meat but some stuff came up, what are you going to do right? So I am finishing it today. In fact they are cooking now as I type this. I got up this morning and made the mesa and wrapped the meat. So I can not wait for my pork tamales to be done!!