Saturday, August 10, 2013


   A lot of news is flying around since Comic-Con ended. Buzz about movies, superheros, comics, and video games. One of the big news came out for The CW show Arrow. For those who don't know about the show Arrow, its about the DC Comics character Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Queen a billionaire spoiled brat turned superhero after being shipwrecked for 5 years on a remote island. When Queen returns, he becomes the Green Arrow and goes on a crusade to save the city he lives in, Starling City. The show will flash back to his time on the island he was shipwrecked on to show how he became a master archer and fighter.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


   The Conjuring came out on July 19th. As soon as I had seen the trailer for it I got pretty excited. I am one who loves horror movies. Now a days though I try not to get myself to excited for them cause the less excited I am, the less disappointed I will be if it turns out bad or just okay. A lot of times you get the best or most scariest parts in the trailers. Also it seems like horror movies now a days are just some random torture, bloody, and gore film, Which is not a bad thing, but I miss them good old horror movies that make you jump from all the suspense that gets built up throughout the movie. And who doesn't love a movie that makes you second guess walking down the dark hallway at night after watching a horror movie that scared the socks off you.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


   The latest episode of Disney's XD Avengers Assemble aired today.  The seventh episode of the new series is called Hyperion. This was my first experience with Hyperion even though I a  huge Marvel fan. So I was a little shocked at this character and his similarities to his powers and look to two DC Comic characters. He looked like Captain Marvel, cape to one side and same color scheme, with Superman's powers.

   The show starts off with the Avengers trying to stop a bunch of meteors from destroying the city. There where all doing pretty well until one huge meteor dubbed a "Earth-Eater" for its size, which would be enough to kill everything on the planet. Hulk and Thor use all of there might to try and break it apart and Iron Man tries to slow it down. Iron Man realizing that they where not going to be able to stop it in time starts saying his goodbyes to his teammates. Just then the whole meteor is blown into tiny cubes. As the Avengers regroup and try to figure out what happen, the see Hyperion standing about some of the cubes. He gives a wave and a wink and flies off.