Saturday, August 10, 2013


   A lot of news is flying around since Comic-Con ended. Buzz about movies, superheros, comics, and video games. One of the big news came out for The CW show Arrow. For those who don't know about the show Arrow, its about the DC Comics character Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Queen a billionaire spoiled brat turned superhero after being shipwrecked for 5 years on a remote island. When Queen returns, he becomes the Green Arrow and goes on a crusade to save the city he lives in, Starling City. The show will flash back to his time on the island he was shipwrecked on to show how he became a master archer and fighter.

   So far in the show they have not had any characters with superpowers. They have done a good job with showing DC characters like Deathstroke and The Huntress. Giving good backgrounds to the characters. This is the idea for introducing The Flash in Arrow. They want to give you Barry Allen as he is before he gets his powers, just a forensic scientist. The producers of Arrow are hoping that with The Flash being on the show that will allow the introduction of super powers in the Arrow universe.

   The plan is that not only will Barry Allen/The Flash have a origin story in Arrow, but also get a spin off show! This is exciting news since most the time when DC comes out with a show or movie, it's normally based on Superman or Batman. DC Comics don't really branch out with there other characters as much as Marvel does. So having a show like Arrow and now talks of a Flash TV show, just shows that there are trying to get other characters out there.

   There are also talks of a Wonder Woman show called Amazon in the mix. Not a front runner at the moment, but it is being worked on. Flash is no stranger to a live action TV show. From 1990-1991 in only one season, a live-action version of The Flash aired staring John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen/The Flash. While that show was more of a cartoony kiddy show, I am sure being in the Arrow universe the new show will be more of a serious show. Well to a point since The Flash is nothing like a Green Arrow or Batman being serious all the time. Looking forward to not only season two of Arrow, but also when Barry Allen appears on the scene! 

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