Thursday, June 21, 2012


   The Wizard was a movie that came out on December 15, 1989 staring Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, and Jenny Lewis. The Wizard is know for having many different references to video games and accessories for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).  The movie also was the introduction to one of the biggest and fan favorite games for the NES, Super Mario Bros. 3. Many think the movie was more a super commercial for the NES.

   The movie follows two brothers trying to flee to California. The youngest brother Jimmy is thought to be suffering from a mental disorder ever since his twin sister died in a drowning accident in a river two years prior to when the movie takes places. Since the death of his twin sister, Jimmy does not like to interact with anyone. He spends most his time playing with blocks and boxes. Jimmy could always be found with a lunchbox that he does not let leave his side. After the death of the sister, Jimmy's whole family got torn apart. His parents separated and he now lives with his mom and step-dad. His brothers Cory and Nick live with their father.

Monday, June 11, 2012


   Left 4 Dead is a video game made by the Valve Corporation that can be played on the X-Box 360 and PC. It's about four immune survivors of a zombie outbreak trying to find there way to safety. The four survivors are Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis. They fight there way through four different maps and also two DLC(Down Loaded Content) maps that tie into the story. The survivors use different types of weapons to make it through the the zombie infested maps. There are not only zombies in the game, but Boomers, Hunters, Smokers, witches, and Tanks that are called special infected.

Friday, June 1, 2012


   One of my favorite show is Law & Order. Now there are different versions of Law & Order, my favorite is Criminal Intent. I still watch all the other ones. Well I was watching SVU(Special Victims Unit) today and they had the episode Doubt on. Doubt was a great episode that kept you going back and forth on whether there was a rape or if the sex was consensual. They build you up all the way till the end and then the frustration sets in!

   The episode starts with Myra, a graduate school student, claims she was raped. She tell the officers that she was raped by a man named Ron, one of her professors. When Ron is brought in for questioning, he tells Detective Stabler and Benson that the sex was consensual. When asked about all the bruises and marks all over Myra's body, Ron said she asked him to do that. Ron says he did not want to do it, and when he refused Myra would drag her nails across his back and arms until she drew blood. At that point he want it to be done, so he choked her and man handled her as she wanted.