Friday, February 6, 2015


   I know most people say that they can't remember there dreams, but I am one for the most part that does remember. The funny thing is that I can still remember weird and crazy dreams I have had from when I was a little kid. I mostly have dreams that have nothing to do with anything, but last night was a crazy one. And the fact that when I woke up the chilling feeling from the dream did not go away added to a creepy feeling I got.

   In the dream my wife Crystal and I was trying to leave this huge place that was a prison/hospital of some kind. We was in a car leaving and something did not want us to leave. As we started to go, we looked out the window and something had killed Crystal's parents. Now in the dream they did not look like Crystal's parents, they had different faces and body types, but we knew that they was her mom and dad. There bodies lied on the ground and there heads had been decapitated. Crystal's mom's head was thrown at us by something we didn't know.