Friday, February 6, 2015


   I know most people say that they can't remember there dreams, but I am one for the most part that does remember. The funny thing is that I can still remember weird and crazy dreams I have had from when I was a little kid. I mostly have dreams that have nothing to do with anything, but last night was a crazy one. And the fact that when I woke up the chilling feeling from the dream did not go away added to a creepy feeling I got.

   In the dream my wife Crystal and I was trying to leave this huge place that was a prison/hospital of some kind. We was in a car leaving and something did not want us to leave. As we started to go, we looked out the window and something had killed Crystal's parents. Now in the dream they did not look like Crystal's parents, they had different faces and body types, but we knew that they was her mom and dad. There bodies lied on the ground and there heads had been decapitated. Crystal's mom's head was thrown at us by something we didn't know.

   We take off like a bat out of hell and as we are driving, we see my parents hauling ass too. Now once again, I knew they was my parents even though they had different faces and body types. As I am driving and looking over at them, by the way, we was in old cars that looked like they was from the 40's, I yelled,"NO" as something rammed them off the road killing them as well. The car we are driving in now get hit from the rear and we crash into some bushes. We both blackout for second, and when I woke I throw the car into reverse and start to take off.

   The dream then switches to the prison/hospital where a crazy man is killing everyone. He is ripping the heads off of people and gouging out the inmates eyes. There was blood and body parts everywhere. Inmates behind bars thought they was safe, but the crazed man would reach through the bars and rip them part from the other side. Inmates tried hiding, the crazed man found most of them, leaving there torn apart and blood dripping form the everything inside the prison.

  While this is going on, my dream then moves to the hospital side of the building. No one knows whats going on at the prison side. No one but, and talk about random people in your dreams, Seth Green. Seth is in a hospital bed and is laughing cause he knows about the crazy man that is killing everyone,as if he had planned this whole thing. He was planning on the crazy man to hurt him, but not that bad to make it look like he was attacked but escaped. Well that plan did not work, cause when the crazy man got to him, he killed Seth Green along with everyone else.

   Switching things up again, I'm now back to Crystal and I. We are on some beach, I have no idea where. It seems that we had gotten away from that whole situation at the prison/hospital. We find a random shack on this beach and enter it. Our friend Scott is inside and has seemed to moved into the place. As we try to catch our breath, we start to tell Scott about what happen. That is where that part of the dream stops.

   I now am waking up in the dream in the house I grew up in. I am in the master bedroom with some random girl that seems to be my girlfriend. Crystal is in my old bedroom with my brother Joseph. She left me for him I guess. I keep hearing some woman calling out in pain coming from down stairs. I jump up to realize my brother let one of his friends in to stay the night and she was having a nightmare.

   My dream now ends, yes I know very random as my dreams normally are, and I am lying in my bad wake facing the wall. Wake and laying there, I got this feeling that something was standing behind me and just staring. It really was creepy, and I have felt this way before. I shook it off and just closed my eyes until my alarm went off.

   Its been along time since I have had a "scary" dream. I didn't really feel scared throughout the dream, yet more stressed and upset about everything. Dreams that random with random people happen all the time with me since I was a kid. Its something I just got use to.

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