Saturday, March 21, 2015


   Being sick and at home is never fun, but being sick and having to work is even worse. Well that just happen to me recently. I got sick on February 22nd and I thought it was just a cold at first. Then I got worse and worse. Breathing became a problem and walking to the bathroom would take my breath away. Turns out I had Bronchitis.

You know I am sick when I want to wear a jacket.

   I took one day off to try and recover, and then wanted to take another, but then things changed. My boss's wife went into labor and I was the only one who could run the store. So I ended up going to work for the rest of the week. Working with a 101 degree temperature and going between hot and cold is not fun. Also losing breath just walking 20 feet was not helping either.

   While this was going on, I started having a lot of pain peeing. I then started peeing blood. I went and took a urine test and they found that I had a urinary track infection. I got some antibiotics for this problem after the doctor seeing my test from the test.

   A week into being sick and being at work I got some antibiotics and inhalers. I then took another day off. Which was only one day, cause I was needed back at work since my boss was still out with his new born. Well with the inhalers I was on, I lost my voice. With my voice at no higher then a whisper, I did my best to answer phone calls. Mostly having my drivers take care of talking to customers when they where not making deliveries.

   By the end of the second week of all of this, the antibiotics had kicked in and I was feeling about 85 percent better. I stopped using the inhalers and my voice was pretty much back to normal in four days. Bronchitis stays with you for six weeks. So as I write this, I still have some time to recover.

   The biggest thing that bugged me when I was sick was not being able to make it to the gym. I have started going back, but not as much as I was before I had gotten sick. My recovery time from my workouts seem to be longer. It takes a lot out of me. I probably should take it easy a little bit longer, but I have a goal to make losing weight and I want to make it. So I will take it easy with my workouts until I can make it back to where I was. Either way I am happy that I am better, and can move around without losing all my air. Also that I can pee without blood or pain. 

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