Tuesday, April 28, 2015


   The El Diablo burger has been out for over a month now. I have been trying to stay away from eating fast food, so I it has taken my awhile to try it. Looking at the commercials, the El Diablo looked really good. I thought to myself that this looks like a good burger to tryout. Wondering how hot and spice it would, I put all that aside when my grandma was telling me how good it was. If my grandma could handle it, then I knew I had to try this out.

   You can get the El Diablo is a Six Dollar burger and you can pick either 1/3ib, or 1/2ib. for the size of your patty. Its a Black Angus patty with Pepper-Jack cheese on a baked bun. On the top of the patty there are jalapeno poppers and bacon. Under the patty there are sliced jalapenos. The top and bottom are covered with a "Fiery Habanero Sauce". With all this heat, you can see why they named the burger El Diablo.

   I  got to say, it was pretty good! The jalapeno poppers add a more cheesy and crunch to the burger. Pepper-Jack is just a awesome cheese that needs to be on more things. With the sliced jalapenos, there was a really good kick that is left in your mouth. Now as far as the "Fiery Habanero Sauce", it was really good, but it didn't have as big as a kick as I thought it would have. Makes me wonder if it was really made from Habaneros.

   The sauce aside, it is a really good burger. If your a lover of spicy food, it is a good opinion to have. Depending on the person, it is not a burger that will make you go running for a drink to cool off your mouth. Still, it will give you a really good kick in your mouth wanting to take another big bite. It is well worth trying for yourself.

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