Monday, October 29, 2012


   Just watched episode 3.3, Walk With Me, of The Walking Dead. This episode focuses on Andrea and Michonne the entire episode with out showing Rick and the group. Just like in episode 3.2 how they didn't show Andrea and Michonne at all. They introduce a new character and brought back a old one. Where there is not as much action as the other episodes, but does set up a big things for this season. 

   The show opens up with three soldiers in a helicopter scouting the area. The helicopter starts shaking and then goes down. In the distance Andrea and Michonne can see the smoke from the crash coming from the tress ahead. When they get to the crash site, Andrea stays behind as Michonne checks for survivors. As she is checking the pilot, a bunch of trucks come pulling up. Michonne runs back to Andrea, and both lay low to see whats this strangers are going to do. The group gets out of the trucks and start looking for supplies and for signs of life. The pilot is still alive and they drag him to one of there trucks. One man stabs the other two dead soldiers in the head, one had already turned. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


   Episode 2 of season 3 entitled Sick aired tonight. Sick leaves right where The Seed ended with Hershel getting his leg cut off. Daryl spots some prisoners hiding behind a metal gate and aims his cross bow at them. Glen runs past them and gets a table with wheels to put Hershel on. The group leaves the prisoner all in shock and head back to Cell Block C.


   Considered to be a camp cult classic, The Tingler is a 1959 black and white horror/thriller. Written by Robb White, The Tingler is the third of five movies he made with William Castle such as 1959's House On Haunted Hill. Staring horror legend Vincent Price along side Darryl Hickman, Patricia Cutts, Pamela Lincoln, Philip Coolidge, and Judith Evelyn. Gimmicks were used to help sell the movie by the producer. They used a  gimmick called Percepto.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


   Aspho Fields is the first book to come out for the Gears Of War universe. Written by Karen Traviss, a author from the Untied Kingdom, Aspho Fields is the first of a five book series. The book is based between the events of the video games Gears Of War and Gears Of War 2. They also flash back to the days before the Locust and Hammer strikes, telling the tale of how Dom Santiago meets Marcus Fenix. Also of the last all human war, The Pendulum Wars.
   Each chapter switches back and froth from the past to the present. In the past story line, it tells the tale of Marcus starting public school at the age of 10. He is quickly bullied because a rich background. Carlos Santiago comes to Marcus's defends and the two become close friends. Carlos introduces Marcus to his little brother Dom and the rest of his family, where Marcus spent most of his time. They family would deem Marcus a honorary Santiago. Marcus would become more then a friend to Carlos and Dom, he had becomes a brother.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


   Episode III of The Walking dead is here. This episode is entitled Long Road Ahead. In Long Road Ahead there are some tough very hard choice to be made. Episode II was horrifying and gory, while in episode III they stray away from the gore and really play with there emotions. This is the hardest episode to play through so far.

Monday, October 15, 2012


   Season 3 of The Walking Dead is finally here! The first episode of the season is called The Seed. It seems that season 3 is 9 month after the end of season 2. Lori is days away from giving birth and the group is still on the move trying to find food and shelter. The life on the road and constantly fighting day to day can be seen on the group. Hershel the most, with a full long bread.
   The show starts with Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, and Carl entering a house looking for supplies. After clearing out a few walkers, they only find a couple cans of dog food. Carl starts to open it when Rick grabs the can, looks at it and throws it against the wall. Just then T-Dog looks at the window and sees a group of walkers heading towards the house. The group grabs a couple of blankets and weapons and flees to there cars.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


   Telltale Games is back with episode II of the Walking Dead entitled Starved For Help. Starved For Help was released on June 27, 2012(Yes I am a little late on getting this out). As in the first episode, the play will have to make choices that will effect not only the game, but also the way people will feel and think of you. And once again I will be putting the choices I made.
   Episode II starts off three months after episode I. Tensions are high with the group. In the three months time that they have been at the motel, they have lost the electricity and almost all there food is gone. The group takes turns going out in search of food and anything that can help them survive and fight off the walkers. They will soon find out that the walkers are not the only thing they need to fear in this new world of nightmares.

Monday, October 1, 2012


   Hell yeah baby! The Oakland Athletics make the playoffs for the first time since 2006! At the beginning of the year no one was giving the A's love or thought they would be in the spot they are in! Us fans had little hope for a playoff season. There was even a analyst who said at the start of the baseball season that the A's would lose 100 games. I would love to see what they got to say now!! With the win tonight over the Texas Rangers we are in the playoffs, also knocking out and crushing the dreams of the Anaheim Angels and Tampa Bay Rays in the wild-card race. Right now we only have a wild-card spot, but if we can sweep the Rangers we will take the AL West Division Title!  Either way we will be in the playoffs, and either way the Oakland Athletics will make a statemented in the playoffs!!! This is a very exciting time to be a A's fan!! Lets keep up the great ball playing, and lets keep doing the BERNIE!! LET'S GO OAKLAND!!