Monday, October 1, 2012


   Hell yeah baby! The Oakland Athletics make the playoffs for the first time since 2006! At the beginning of the year no one was giving the A's love or thought they would be in the spot they are in! Us fans had little hope for a playoff season. There was even a analyst who said at the start of the baseball season that the A's would lose 100 games. I would love to see what they got to say now!! With the win tonight over the Texas Rangers we are in the playoffs, also knocking out and crushing the dreams of the Anaheim Angels and Tampa Bay Rays in the wild-card race. Right now we only have a wild-card spot, but if we can sweep the Rangers we will take the AL West Division Title!  Either way we will be in the playoffs, and either way the Oakland Athletics will make a statemented in the playoffs!!! This is a very exciting time to be a A's fan!! Lets keep up the great ball playing, and lets keep doing the BERNIE!! LET'S GO OAKLAND!!

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