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   Telltale Games is back with episode II of the Walking Dead entitled Starved For Help. Starved For Help was released on June 27, 2012(Yes I am a little late on getting this out). As in the first episode, the play will have to make choices that will effect not only the game, but also the way people will feel and think of you. And once again I will be putting the choices I made.
   Episode II starts off three months after episode I. Tensions are high with the group. In the three months time that they have been at the motel, they have lost the electricity and almost all there food is gone. The group takes turns going out in search of food and anything that can help them survive and fight off the walkers. They will soon find out that the walkers are not the only thing they need to fear in this new world of nightmares.

   At the start of the game we find Lee and Mark out in the woods hunting for food. The two are discussing the the problems at the motel when they hear screams coming from deeper in the woods. They take off to see what is going on and if anyone needs help when the find two teenagers named Ben and Travis scared out of there mind and there teacher, David Parker, with his leg in a bear trap. Kenny also shows up as Lee and Mark are trying to figure out what to do next. As this is going on a bunch of walkers show up attracted to the screams of pain from the man in the bear trap. After Mark find out that someone has messed with the release latch for the trap and that they can't release David, Lee picks up his ax and tries to brake the chain on the trap. When this does not work, you are forced with a choice, leave him to be eaten by the walkers or chop off his leg and drag him out of the woods, I chose to cut off his leg. David pass out from pain and blood loss. As everyone flees the on coming walkers, Travis is jumped by a walker, and the group has no chose but to leave him behind as it gave them a chance to escape the walkers while they ate the unfortunate teen.
   As they get back to the motel, some of the group is upset with the fact that Lee brought back more people to there camp. They see it as not helping out there fellow man, but as another mouth to feed with a low supply of food. Lilly, who has somewhat became the group leader, has been extremely stressed snaps and tell Lee that he can hand out the food rations for the day since he thinks he can just bring more people into the group. He is given four pieces of food for 10 people. At this point you have to pick four people to give food to, I chose Clementine, Duck, Kenny, and Lilly. While Lee is passing out the food, he also talks to everyone in the group. He gives up his ax, with a little hesitation  to Larry and Mark who is fortify the wall they built to keep the walkers out in front of the motel. Lee also talks to Clementine who is missing her hat.
   As soon as your done handing out the food, you head over to help Katjaa who is trying to stop David's leg from bleeding. Katjaa trying her hardest to save David, tells Lee she has done all she has done when he dies. Lee shaking his head about David's death when David comes back as a walker and attacks Katjiaa. Lee quickly saves her and is now fighting for his life. Just when you think that the walker is going to kill Lee, Mark and Larry come running with the ax and saves Lee from David turned walker.
   The group quickly turns to Ben and grill him about why he never told them about David being bitten. Ben swears up and down that he was never bitten and asks them how they didn't know. The group asks knows what, when Ben explains how it does not matter if you were bitten or not that you will turn into a walker. He goes on to tell them that everyone is infected and if you die even naturally, you will turn. This leaves the group in shock as a silence comes over them all at the thought of one day becoming one of the walkers.
   As the group is still reeling from the news, two brothers by the name of Andrew and Danny St. John come along looking for gas. They tell the group that they have a farm that is safe and they will trade food for gas that they need to keep there generators running. Mark, Carley, Ben, and Lee take some games and heads to the farm with the two brothers. On the way to the farm they come across two bandits fighting over food. One bandit kills the other with a shotgun. As soon as he leaves the area, the group continue to the St. John Farm.
   When getting to the farm they meet the two brothers mother, Brenda. She gives them some home made biscuits that they consume in a heart beat. Brenda tells them to bring the rest of the group for a big dinner, so they send Carley and Ben back for the rest of the group. While they are gone, Lee and Mark help the brothers around the farm. Andrew sends them out to clear there electric fence of walkers that have gotten stuck in it. As Lee and Mark are trying to decided if they can trust the St. Johns and clearing out the walkers, the fence turns on while they are outside of it. Just then a arrow hits Mark in the shoulder by bandits yelling that they were being cheated out of food. Mark and Lee use a tractor as cover as they escape back behind the electric fence.
   As Lee carries Mark back to the farm house, the rest of the group has already arrived except Carley and Ben, who stayed behind to watch the motel. Brenda takes Mark inside the house to help out with his wound. Andrew tells Lee they had a deal with the bandits, they would give them food and in return the bandits would leave the farm alone, but they broke that deal. Lilly tell Lee that she don't think this place is as safe as the brothers claim. Danny tells Lee he knows of one camp they bandits have and they head out.
   When they find the camp, it looks abandoned. They go through the camp looking for anything they can find.  Lee ask Danny about some St. John Farm boxes and Danny tells him that it must be the stuff they had stole from them. Soon Lee also finds a video camera with dead batteries that he put in his pocket. Lee then turns to a tent and searches it. He finds Clementine's hat just as bandit calling herself Jolene comes in demanding that they men drop there weapons. Danny starts to argue with Jolene. Jolene yells that she knows what they were doing and that she will not go back to the farm. Lee asks her were she got the hat. You are then given a choice to to kill Jolene or not, I chose not, but she is killed anyways by Danny.
   When back at the farm they tell Brenda that nothing happen. Lilly and Kenny are fighting like they normally do, Katjaa is trying to help out the farm's cow along with Duck, Andrew, and Clementine. Lee gives back Clementine's hat back and asks her if she had seen or talked to anybody suspicious around the motel. She swears no and goes back to helping with the cow. Lilly tells Lee that Kenny is worried about the barn since the St. Johns where really protected of a lock door in the barn. Lee then talks to Kenny and they both agree that they need to find out what they are hiding.
   Knowing that Lee needed to distract Andrew to get him out of the barn, he mess with the generator with a multi-tool he found. Once Andrew leaves the barn to check his generator, Lee sneaks to the back of the barn. After unscrewing a hinge, he finds a room filled with blood and what looks like torture devices. Andrew appears and tells him that they use the room to skin and butcher the animals they eat. Andrew tell Lee that dinner is ready, and being so hungry as he was, a fully cooked hot meal sounded better then to argue with him, so he fellows Andrew back to the house.
   When they get in the house they find that everyone is already sitting at the table accept for Mark. Brenda tells everyone that he is rest upstairs and is doing fine. Before sitting Lee asks to use the bathroom. Brenda tells him it down the hall. Lee uses this chance to search the house with out being followed. Lee sneaks upstairs to have a look. He hears something that sounds like a person in pain. He looks around and finds a hidden room where he finds a horrified sight. He finds Mark inside with both legs cut off. Lee asks Mark what happen and he tells Lee that the brothers cut and skinned his legs, and that is what they are serving as meat for dinner. Lee turns and runs to try and stop everyone from eating the human meat. At this point you have a chose to make, but it is on a quick timer, stop Clementine from eating the meat or don't, I was to slow to react and she ate a bite. Lee explains that they had cut off Marks legs and that the farm was a human slaughterhouse. As the group goes for there weapons, Andrew grabs Clementine and orders them to drop there weapons. Mark come crawling in the hallway moaning for help when Danny hits Lee in the back of the head with his gun knocking him out cold.
   When Lee regains consciousness, he finds himself in a meat locker with everyone but Duck and Katjaa. Larry pounding on the door demanding to be let out has a heart attack and passes out. Lilly runs to her fathers side and tries to wake him back up. Kenny right away tells them that they need to make sure that he is dead so he will not return like David did. Lilly screams that he is still alive and that she can revive him. You now have to choose to help Lilly try to save her dad or help Kenny to make sure Larry does not come back, I chose to try and save Larry. Either way Kenny still smashed in Larry's head with a metal crate killing him. 
   Lee now sees a A/C unit that he can take down from the wall leading out of the meat locker. He goes through Larry's pockets find some coins he uses to unscrew the unit from the wall. Once this is done he sends Clementine, with some hesitation, through the vent to another room. Seconds later the door opens with Clementine on the other side. Lee tells Clementine to stay with Lilly while him and Kenny find a way out. Lee grabs a weapon and him and Kenny head out to the barn. They see Danny just standing at the barn doors and try to sneak up on him when Andrew walks up to him. The two duck behind one of the horse stalls. When Lee goes to open the stall door, he is face to face with Danny's gun barrel. Lee grabs the barrel and moves it to the side as it is fired. Lee attacks Danny who push Lee down. Lilly then comes out of nowhere and stabs Danny knocking him back and into a bear trap. Danny then tells Lee not to kill him cause it will ruin the meat, that you have to keep it fresh, Now you can choose to kill Danny with a pitchfork or let him live, I drove the pitchfork into Danny's chest.
   Kenny runs out to find his family and Lee runs into Carley and Ben. Lee lets them in on whats going to and tells them to sneak around the back while he takes the front. As Lee enters the house, he sees that Brenda has Katjaa at gun point. Lee slowly moves closer to Brenda trying to talk her down. Lee sees Mark has turned and is at the top of the stairs that Brenda is walking up. Lee finally gets Brenda close enough to the walker and it grabs her and starts eating making Brenda release Katjaa.
   They both run outside to find Kenny yelling at Andrew, who has Duck hostage. Kenny charges and is shot in the side of his stomach. Carley then distracts Andrew which makes Andrew let go of Duck.
   Lee then rushes Andrew and they fight. During the fight Andrew gets Lee down and is now trying to force Lee into the electric fence. Lilly then Andrew making him stop from frying Lee, She only help because I tried saving Larry. Lee then turns and starts beating Andrew with a furry of punches. You can now choose to kill Andrew or let him live, I chose to let him live. As the group is leaving the farm, Andrew is left screaming Lee's name trying to get him to come back and kill him. At this time the farm is swamped with a horde of walkers.
   On the way back to the motel the group is all silent. As they are walking they come upon a car with it's head lights on and the keys in the ignition. The car is full of supplies. Kenny decides to take them and Clementine says that they should leave it be because the owner of it my come back for it. You now have to choose between taking the supply's or leaving it for its owner. I chose to take the supply's. Either way Kenny will take it. 
   Carley finds some batteries and gives them to Lee so he can see what is on the video camera. On the camera are videos of Jolene filming the group, mostly Clementine, at the motel. She starts talking saying how in this new world the bigger danger are humans not the walkers and how Clementine needs a mother like her. She is then attacked by bandits as she yells at them and calls them by name. She calls them rapist monsters right as the camera is turned off, ending the episode.
   Starved For Help twists your stomach with the thought of people eating people. It also proves that even the most friendly people can also be the most evil. In a world of walking dead people, you would think that zombies are your worst fear. It makes you wonder who do you have to fear more, the dead or the living?
   At the end of Episode II the preview shows the group has been over run and they need to flee the motel. They escape and find a train which they use to try and find a new safe place. There is controversy between the group on what to do and if there is a trader among-st them. Episode III came out on June 27, 2012.

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