Monday, October 15, 2012


   Season 3 of The Walking Dead is finally here! The first episode of the season is called The Seed. It seems that season 3 is 9 month after the end of season 2. Lori is days away from giving birth and the group is still on the move trying to find food and shelter. The life on the road and constantly fighting day to day can be seen on the group. Hershel the most, with a full long bread.
   The show starts with Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, and Carl entering a house looking for supplies. After clearing out a few walkers, they only find a couple cans of dog food. Carl starts to open it when Rick grabs the can, looks at it and throws it against the wall. Just then T-Dog looks at the window and sees a group of walkers heading towards the house. The group grabs a couple of blankets and weapons and flees to there cars.

   The regroup down the road and try to figure out what there next plan of attack will be. Rick and Hershel talk about finding a place more permit for Lori to have the baby. While everyone tries to get more water, Daryl and Rick goes hunting for food. As they our out, they come across a prison. They quickly gather the rest of the group and make a plan to to take the prison yard figuring it would be a nice big open space with plenty of safety. They cut threw the chain-link fence that leads into a walk way between the fence and the another fence leading to the prison yard. They tie the fence back up once everyone is through. Rick gives everyone a task while he runs through the yard to lock the gate leading to the prison up as to cut off anymore walkers from entering the yard. Once the group gives Rick the cover he needs to lock up the gate, they easily take out the walkers in the yard.
   As the group is relaxing and are patting themselves on the back, Rick is wandering around the prison yard fence looking for flaws. Hershel talks about laying down some vegetable seeds while Beth tell Lori that this is a great place to have the baby. Daryl and Carol are getting closer and closer. Carol even asked Daryl if he wants to mess around and gave a couple sexual jokes. Rick then tells everyone to get some sleep cause they are going to try and take more of the prison in the morning. He tells them that it could be a goldmine with medicine, food, and weapons, but it will be very dangerous.
   At the start of the next day the opening scene shows walkers getting decapitated in a store. The zombie slayer grabs some aspirin on the floor and leaves. Meanwhile back at the prison, Rick, T-Dog, Daryl, Glen, and Maggie start clearing out the next area of the prison. They take out most of the walkers when they run into a problem. Walkers with riot gear on slowly come out of the shadows. Realizing that they just can't attack them straight up and have to stab them underneath there helmets.
   Once they get inside, Rick finds a dead prison guard and takes his keys. After clearing out the C block, they get the rest of the group and they start to chose bunks. Lori tells Rick "Thank you", but Rick gives her the cold shoulder. Lori then bunks up with Carol as Rick starts patrolling around.
   The zombie slayer from the store is now shown as Michonne, the person who saved Andrea at the end of season 2. She walks in to find Andrea laying on the floor with the shivers. Michonne gives Andrea the aspirin who seems to have some kind of illness. Andrea pleas with Michonne to just leave her behind so she will not slow her down. Andrea says that she don't want her dying cause of her. Michonne then gathers her chained arm less walkers and leads Andrea out the back.
   Back at the prison Lori pulls Hershel aside and tells him that she thinks the baby is dead. Worried that if the baby is dead, and everyone is infected, she is worried that the baby will turn and rip her up from the inside. She then goes on to say if she dies during the birth that she could turn and try to kill the baby. Hershel then tell her that everything is going to be fine. Lori, sobbing, makes Hershel promise if she or the baby dies or turns that he will kill them with out a second thought.
   After Hershel's talk with Lori, he rejoins Rick, T-dog, Glen, Maggie, and Daryl who are putting on some riot gear that Rick found. They all start to move to the next part of the prison. They turn the corner and find a bunch of walkers. As they turn and run to flee the on coming horde, Glen and Maggie get separated from the rest of the group. They duck into a hallway to get away. The rest of the group goes back to look for them when Hershel walks past a corpse that jumps up and is not dead, but a walker. The walker bites Hershel on his calf right as Glen and Maggie come around the corner. They kill the walker and pick up Hershel to keep on fleeing.
   They found there way into the mess hall and lock the door behind them. Rick ties his belt around Hershel's thigh. Rick says "There is only one way to keep him alive" and chops off Hershel's lower part of his leg, right about the bite. As T-dog is at the door making sure the walkers don't get in, the rest of the group hears a noise. Daryl aims his crossbow towards some  figures in prison cloths behind a metal grate. They realize that they are not walkers but humans. As the episode came to an end, one of the prisoners say "Oh my God" and the show ends.
   Its great to have The Walking Dead back. This episode started off kinda slow, but picked up between the middle to the end. I can't wait to see how long it will be before Andrea and Michonne meet back up with the group. Also if by cutting off Hershel's lower leg, if it will stop him from turning. The question also must be asked, how will the prisoners and Ricks group mesh together, and will they trust a former cop? 

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