Sunday, October 21, 2012


   Episode 2 of season 3 entitled Sick aired tonight. Sick leaves right where The Seed ended with Hershel getting his leg cut off. Daryl spots some prisoners hiding behind a metal gate and aims his cross bow at them. Glen runs past them and gets a table with wheels to put Hershel on. The group leaves the prisoner all in shock and head back to Cell Block C.

   As they make there way back they hear a noise behind them. Daryl and Rick spin around to see that the prisoners are fallowing them through the hallway. Back at the cells Rick leaves Hershel with everyone but Daryl and T-Dog and heads back to confront the prisoners. They prisoners who been looked up in the cafeteria for the past ten months, having no idea whats been going on outside of the prison. Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog take them outside to show them whats been happening. The prisoners don't believe that the group killed all the walkers. The three group members tell the prisoners how everyone is infected and the only way to kill the Walkers is by destroying the brain.

   One of the prisoners by the name of Tomas steps up as there leader claiming that the prison is there's since they where there first. Rick fires back saying they been locked in a broom closet the last 10 months and that they took the prison. Rick tells them that they will help them clear a block out for half the food supplies they had left in the cafeteria. They agree, bring the food back to the group.

   After a quick crash course on how to kill the walkers and staying in a group not to break rank, they head out to start clearing the walkers. As they walk as a group down the hall, a couple of walker come around the corner. Instead of sticking to Rick's plan, the prisoners bum rush the walkers and start stabbing wildly. They finally kill them all and Rick get them to fight as a group. As they take out more walker one of the prisoners by the name of Big Tiny backs away from group. A walker scratches him deep on the back of his shoulder which causes the group to argue what to do with him. All of a sudden Tomas beats in Big Tiny's head repeatedly with a crazy look in his eyes.

   Back at Cell Block C, the rest of the group is hard at work trying to save Hershel. Glenn tries his best to prepare Maggie for the worst. Carl, who is suppose to be organizing the food, comes around the corner with a Duffle Bag full of medical supplies he found in infirmary. Lori yells at him for going out on his own and with out telling anybody, which makes Carl snap and yell,"Get off my back" to his mother. He then storms out as Lori tries to tell him they do need the supplies and thanks.

   As Rick and Daryl are walking to the Cell Block they are going to clear for the prisoners, they both agreed to kill Tomas if he does anything they don't like. Rick gives the keys to open the cell block doors and tells him to only open one of the double doors to control the walkers as they come out. Tomas opens both doors making Rick yell at him saying,"I told you one!", Tomas replying with,"Shit happens!". As the walkers come out, Tomas swings at a walker and Rick at the same time. When he misses, Tomas grabs a walker and throws it at Rick knocking him down fighting off the walker. Daryl kills the walker as the rest of the walkers in the room are all killed off. Rick and Tomas stand face to face giving each other choice words, when Rick slams his machete into Tomas' head killing him. The prisoner Andrew tries to get some retaliation with his baseball bat that fails and he runs for his life down the hallway. Rick gives chase while Daryl and T-dog stay with Oscar and Axel, the last two prisoners.

   As Rick is chasing down Andrew, Carol pulls Glenn aside requesting his help. She tell him that she need to practice performing a C-Section on a female walker if Hershel dies and she haves to deliver Lori's baby. Glenn agrees with Carol and helps her by distracting walkers and she drags in a female walker she had just killed.

   Andrew still running away from Rick, runs into a closed off part of the yard filled with walkers. He tries to run back when Rick slams the bar doors shut locking him out with the walkers. Andrew tries to get Rick to let him back inside, but Rick just tells him he better run and walks away. As Rick walks back to the rest of the group, you can hear Andrew screaming for him life. After debating if they should kill Oscar and Axel, they leave them in the cleared out cell block. T-Dog tells them to burn the body's left in the area and leaves.

   While Rick, T-dog, and Daryl are making there way back, Maggie tells her dad that he can die and not to worry about her or Beth. Hershel stops breathing and everyone starts to panic. Lori comes in and gives Hershel CPR. While she is doing this, Hershel makes a loud noise and grabs Lori, Everyone thinks he has changed when he starts breathing again as the CPR worked. Shortly after the guys show up and they all surround Hershel. Not sure if he will make it, Hershel opens his eyes and grabs Ricks hand. Tears of joy and relief start to flow. At the end of the episode, they show Carol practicing on the female walker with someone watching in the bushes from of in the woods. And the show ends.

   With two prisoners still alive, you wonder what will happen with them, also if there are more people alive inside. And what will happen now that Hershel only has one leg? I can't wait for the next episode to see who is hiding in the bushes stalking our group of heroes!

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