Monday, December 23, 2013


   I already know that I am going to a fend people with this post. Let me just say that everyone is entitled to there opinion. I will respect yours if you can respect mine. Having said that, I wanted to talk about the news story of the wife/mother who pasted away and left a letter for her husband. If you are not familiar with this story you can find it her: Letter To Family.

   To get the jiff of what the story is all about, a woman died of cancer and left behind her husband and 4 kids. Before she passed, she wrote a letter and gave it to a friend and told her to hold on to it. She wanted the friend to send it to a local radio station once her husband had moved on and was going to get married again. In the letter she had 3 wishes she wanted to radio station to fill. The wish are a day of pampering for her husbands new love, a "magical trip" for the whole family, and night of drinks, food, and fun for the doctors at Mercy Medical Hospital, same place she was treated. The radio station granted all 3 of the wishes.

Monday, December 16, 2013


   At the beginning of the year I did list of my WTF moments which can be found here: MY VIDEO GAME WTF MOMENTS PART IWell after another year of gaming and thinking over the long list of games I have played, here is part 2 of my WTF video game moments. This post does contain spoilers for the games. If your planning on playing the game, you have been warned.