Monday, December 23, 2013


   I already know that I am going to a fend people with this post. Let me just say that everyone is entitled to there opinion. I will respect yours if you can respect mine. Having said that, I wanted to talk about the news story of the wife/mother who pasted away and left a letter for her husband. If you are not familiar with this story you can find it her: Letter To Family.

   To get the jiff of what the story is all about, a woman died of cancer and left behind her husband and 4 kids. Before she passed, she wrote a letter and gave it to a friend and told her to hold on to it. She wanted the friend to send it to a local radio station once her husband had moved on and was going to get married again. In the letter she had 3 wishes she wanted to radio station to fill. The wish are a day of pampering for her husbands new love, a "magical trip" for the whole family, and night of drinks, food, and fun for the doctors at Mercy Medical Hospital, same place she was treated. The radio station granted all 3 of the wishes.

   Now pretty much all the people that have re-posted this story have said they cried when reading it. Saying it was a real tear jerkier and very touching. I did not have the same reaction to this story. Now this is where I hope not to upset to many people on my opinion of this story.

   I personally don't find this story touching, I find it to be kinda selfish. While the thought behind it was maybe good, it just does not seem right to me that she did this. This man has lost his wife and mother to his 4 kids. Moving on from a divorce is one thing, but from a death? He found the strength to move on and was able to fall in love again. Something that must of been really hard. Now when I say move on, I am not trying to say that losing someone like your wife to cancer is something you just get over. It stays with you forever, but instead of letting it slowly kill him too, he found that level to keep on living. Which is what the wife wanted in her passing.

   Now you pull this poor guy into a radio station and bring up all this live on the radio without no warning? Me personally, I would have been upset that I got ambushed like that with people I don't even know. Plus my business being put out for everyone to hear. Also I would think the new woman in his life, while I am sure she enjoyed her day of pampering, could have gotten a little uncomfortable with all of this. They are now trying to build a new life together and I just feel like with this letter she is throwing herself back into there lives. Like saying don't forget I was hear first, now enjoy the pampering and a vacation on me.

   Now if she had wrote that letter and had it send in after she past saying something like, "Take care of whoever you meet and is willing to take care of our boys", I would feel different. But 2 years after your passing cause that's when he was going to get married again is not right in my eyes.

   That's my thoughts on the whole matter. I don't think anybody is wrong for thinking it was a touching story. I just view this story in a different way. I am not a heartless person at all. I know the pain of losing a loved one. And losing someone to cancer, having them taken away from you way before they should have is a pain that runs deep. At the end of the day you can not help the way you feel about something and not everyone is going to agree with you. 

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