Wednesday, January 15, 2014


   Things didn't go as planned last night at my job. I work at a shop called ANNEX and we sell supplies and paint mixes to auto body shops in the bay area. We also are renting out the front of our building to a automotive shop. There is a sign up saying no 24hr parking. So unless there is a pass on a car in our lot, it will be towed. Now the automotive shop in the front have tons of cars that should not be there, and the owner of the shop has been warned about getting them out.

   The plan last night was to have all the cars without parking passes removed by being towed. Since my bosses don't live in the area, I was asked to come down and let the tow truck drivers in our lot, and sign for the vehicles they were taking. I must of signed like 20 something papers. We meet late around 8 pm so no one would be around to start trouble. Once they wrote up what cars they were taking and I signed each paper, took about a hour, they told me that all they needed me for and I went on home thinking that was that.

   About a hour later I get a call from the tow company saying the owner of the automotive shop had shown up and was stopping them from take anymore cars, and that he also was calling the cops. I called my boss as I was heading down back to my job to let him know what was going on. As I pulled up to the back where I normally pull in to park, I noticed that there was a car in front of our sliding gate. The gate was closing blocking the tow truck drivers in. So I drove around to the side entrance where I saw two Hayward Police cars and the automotive shop owner's flat bed tow truck blocking the other driveway.

   After a long talk with the cops, my boss, the tow truck drivers, and the automotive shop owner, everything was taken care of. The automotive shop owner moved some of the cars out to the street and put passes on the others so they would not get towed. The cops had the driveways unblocked, and whatever vehicles they had up on the tow trucks were towed out of the lot. Spending another hour at work taking care of this mess I headed home for the night.

   After many warning about the cars, I am just guessing that the automotive shop owner didn't take my boss seriously when he said they would be towed. I am sure thing around here will be a little tense for a bit. I just hope the automotive shop owner knows my boss means business and keeps the cars at a low level in the parking lot. Led for a interesting evening to say the least.

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