Wednesday, January 29, 2014


   Since graduating from Hayward High I have gone to many different schools. Every time it I finished a school it something has happen and it's seems like it was a waste of time. Well maybe not a waste of time, but the job that should have followed didn't workout for whatever reason. Now that I am starting school again on 2/1/2014, has started giving me mixed feelings, I'll explain why.

   Shortly after high school I went to school the learn how to clean surgical equipment for a job a Kaiser. After passing the class I applied for the job. I was told that the job was not ready yet and I would have to wait till the summer. Now being that the summer was only 3 months away, I just kept working moving furniture until the job was ready. Once the summer came I would told it would not be ready till winter, so whats a few more months? Winter came and they told me it would be another year. Well being right out of high school...young and stupid thinking I knew everything...I said to myself,"Forget this crap! I just got a raise at work and I don't need this job!". Not a very smart move at all on me!

   Years later after getting hurt at the moving job, I had to find something new to do. So I went to WyoTech for heating and air conditioning. Once I past that school after a little over a year, I got job right away working with Sears as a appliance tech. Things were going great at first, was making really good money. Then it happened again, I got hurt. Put me out for 4 years with 3 surgeries. Not being able to return to the job I was doing, I needed to find something new.

    I went and got my guard card during the time I was out of work. I applied for a few jobs looking for people, but because of lack of experience, never got hired. I should have renewed that card, but never did after it expired.

   I chose to doing something out of the box for me and signed up for Phlebotomy. Drawing blood is something I never thought I would do, not that I can't stand the sight of blood. I took the class and passed it, and did good in during my internship. I even got to drew the blood of MMA fighter Miesha Tate.

  She won the Strike Force Women's Belt right after that, your welcome!! Yeah had nothing to do with me, but I can have fun with that.

   All I had to do is take the California state test for my licences, then I could start looking for work in the field. You are only allowed to take the test 3 time, I failed twice. I could take the test one more time, but have opted out. I took it as a sign that it maybe not be what I am suppose to be doing. Part of it is I did not want to fail a third time. Even though I am about to start a new school for a job that has nothing to do with drawing blood, I have been wanting to take the test again, just to prove that I could do it. In my own words, something I tell my friends all the time, I need to "Man Up" and just take the test.

   As you can see, I have tried to get a career going many times, and now I am back at it again. When I start school this Saturday I will be learning how to drive semis. I have driven bobtails before, but nothing bigger then a 28 foot truck. As I start taking the steps to get my class A licences, I look at past attempts to bettering myself. I am very excite to start learning something that I feel is in my blood, my dad, grandpa, and a few uncles all have driven class A. This is something I feel like I should be doing.

   Having said that, I just hope I don't have anymore major obstacles to deal with getting my class A or getting a job afterwords. I know no matter what there will be obstacles to deal with, that is just life, but the hope is that there ones I can over come. I need some good changes in my life, and going for my class A I think is one of the big steps in doing that. 

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