Thursday, February 6, 2014


 The past four months have been crazy to say the least. I have been trying to take care of things around my parents house because they have been out of commission. Plus adding on the holidays and just the things life throws at you. Not saying that I can't handle things, just a lot of things at once.

   Back in November my dad had hip replacement surgery. He was down for a long time and is of course still recovering from that. He is in a lot less pain, and is not walking on his own. Well he was up until last Tuesday when he had a knee replacement surgery. In 4 months my dad has had both his right hip and right knee replaced. He should be coming home today, fingers crossed.

   Well a week before my dad had his surgery on 2/4/14, my mom had surgery to fix a hernia on 1/30/14. She is already moving around is doing fine. She still has some pain and discomfort. With my dad down now, my grandma has been staying over to help out. It's nice to have her around to visit with and for her help. There is still a lot of things that I have to get done though, even with my grandma around helping.

   While this is going on, the holidays and other random events have happen. On Thanksgiving I cooked dinner for my family, around a total of 20-25 people. Now I love to cook so it was fun, kinda of a hassle, but still fun. Around Christmas time our refrigerator went out, and that has been a pain in the butt.

   The first frig my dad got was a lot smaller the the one that went out. So he decided to get another one that was bigger from a friend he knew that fixed appliances to resale them. I moved the smaller frig to the garage and put the bigger one in the kitchen. After a few days the frig in the kitchen went out. They tried to fix it, even though no one wanted to listen to me about the problem, but could not get it working. The frig side was not cooling. This went on for a couple of weeks til they deiced to just replace the broken one. Now I had to take the broken one, and replace it with the new one. So good!

   The big pain other then moving in these frigs so many times, is the fact that I had to take the doors off of the frigs each time I took one out or put one back in. Also having to dolly them up some stairs from the front yard threw the back. Lucky I had some help moving them around and getting up steps. The other big pain was my dad. He can not help and I believe feels helpless, so he tries to tell me what to do when moving the frig in or out. Now This something I have done many times, so I know what I am doing. I had to finally tell him to walk away and let me take care of it before he drives me crazy. I understand the whole helpless feeling or not being in control, but if he wanted it done and done right, he had to let me do my thing.

   With all this going on I have been trying to get things right with my wife, figure out plans for the future, take care of the family, and started school. Started on 2/1/14 and have not had much time to study or get things down. I have had to get new tires for my truck.

   As you can see it's been a crazy four months. As I already said, nothing I can't handle. I have learned by now that when one thing goes south, many more go with it shortly after. Just got to keep fighting threw it all and hope this is if for awhile. Life will be life, you can't change the random things that happen, and you can't let it overwhelm.

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