Thursday, February 20, 2014


   With the draft coming up in May there are a lot of talks about what the Raiders are going to do with there 60+ million they have to play with. A lot of people, fans, and analyst think the Raiders need to draft a quarterback with there first round 5th pick. Some even think a wide receiver would be a smart pick. I have to disagree with both of those options.

   Anybody who watches the NFL knows since Rich Gannon retired, we have not had a solid QB. Along with our head coaches, we have gone through way to many QBs in just 10 years. So yes we need a QB, is this draft the time to get one, I say no. The Raiders have a lot of money to use, and with that I think they should get a veteran QB in free agency. We need to draft a good offensive line.

   Now I know your probably thinking," We have done the veteran quarterback think before, and look where it got us!". While this is very true, getting a rookie QB is not going to get us nowhere if the Raiders don't have a solid O-Line to block for him. I think if the Raiders get a veteran QB for now, they can develop the O-Line. Then once they got a year or two of really working together, that's when you draft a franchise QB.

   Maybe I'm a little bias in my opinion about offensive linemen being that is the position I played in High School, but you can't win games without a O-Line. They are the heart and soul of a team. So as I said before, it will not matter who the Raiders have at QB, a rookie fresh from the draft or a veteran if they don't have blockers. At least with a veteran, he will be more composed and stay claim with the pressure. A rookie might get his whole game thrown off by it.

   Another area I hope we fill in the draft is our defensive. We have a few spots that need to be filled. DB's is one of the biggest I believe.  A defensive end to go opposite of Houston would be nice. The Raiders D needs to get to the QB more! Just getting to the QB once in a game and putting some dirt on his jersey can change the way he plays after that.

   We do need a receiver also. This is another area
   With the Raiders having the toughest schedule this year good draft picks are a must. I just hope with whatever Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen do, it will only push the Raiders back to the greatness they once were. No matter what happens I will be rooting for my Raiders! But of course I want to see them back to being one of the top teams in the NFL.

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