Sunday, September 30, 2012


   Primal Rage was a two player fighting game that came out in 1994. Atari Games was the developer and publisher. Primal Rage could not only be found as a fighting game, but also as a comics, toys, and a novel. There were many different fun and brutal characters in Primal Rage. There was also a big controversy behind the game. Primal Rage also changed the way some video games were made.

   The game play for Primal Rage was a two-dimensional fighting system. The two player fighting game allowed players to select there characters to battle one on one. In single player mode you fought through a campaign against the CPU where the difficulty would increases as you play. In the final battle of the campaign mode, you have to fight all the other characters and they all have increased power bars. There was also a "Game Gore" mode that made the game more bloody and when you defeated you opponent there heart would explode and there brain would dissolve to ashes in a bloody mess. Human tribesmen that where around the battle field and are worship there Gods can be eaten to give you more heath, but if you ate one of your worshipers you will be penalize.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


   Who would have thought that heading into September that the A's would be three games out from being in first place in the division and also be in the number one spot for the Wild Card. With September just starting the A's have really heated up. The playoffs are only a month away and the with the A's pitchers shutting down hitters and the A's hitters knocking the ball around like no tomorrow, there are little worries that the A's will miss them.