Sunday, September 2, 2012


   Who would have thought that heading into September that the A's would be three games out from being in first place in the division and also be in the number one spot for the Wild Card. With September just starting the A's have really heated up. The playoffs are only a month away and the with the A's pitchers shutting down hitters and the A's hitters knocking the ball around like no tomorrow, there are little worries that the A's will miss them.

   With this year being the ten year Anniversary of the A's twenty game win streak, one can only wonder if that has something to do with the magic that is going on with the players of Oakland. At the beginning of the season, there were not very many people who would be saying that the Oakland A's have a chance for the playoffs. The fact that the A's don't have a big pocket book like the Yankees to spend on players. At the start of the season there were a lot of fans looking down at the line up saying,"Who is that?". And that the A's traded off our All Star pitcher Gio Gonzales and Trevor CaHill during the off season. And here we are six month later and now the fans know who this team is, as we have the chance to head back to the playoffs. Something we have not done since 2006!
   One big factor of to the A's doing so great is that they are having fun. Between Josh Reddick throwing pies in guys faces after walk off wins and Josh Reddick, Coco Crisp, and Brandon Inge all doing the Bernie have really kept this team on the up. One of the best pies in the face came when Coco got hit in the face with a pie from Reddick as he was wearing a Spider-Man costume. On Saturday 9/1/2012 it was Bernie day and the actor who played Bernie in the Weekend At Bernie movies, Terry Kiser throw out the first pitch. Reddick even had a bunch of trays of bacon delivered to right field where a bunch of his biggest fans are.
   Even with injury's and some controversy with Bartolo Colon's fifty game suspension, the A's are still winning. The A's just need to keep having fun if they want to keep playing as good as they are. Along with hot bats and great pitching of course. By having fun it will keep the guys loose and on the right path to the playoffs. And this is one A's fan that can't wait to see what kind of damage the A's are going to do in the playoffs!

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