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   Primal Rage was a two player fighting game that came out in 1994. Atari Games was the developer and publisher. Primal Rage could not only be found as a fighting game, but also as a comics, toys, and a novel. There were many different fun and brutal characters in Primal Rage. There was also a big controversy behind the game. Primal Rage also changed the way some video games were made.

   The game play for Primal Rage was a two-dimensional fighting system. The two player fighting game allowed players to select there characters to battle one on one. In single player mode you fought through a campaign against the CPU where the difficulty would increases as you play. In the final battle of the campaign mode, you have to fight all the other characters and they all have increased power bars. There was also a "Game Gore" mode that made the game more bloody and when you defeated you opponent there heart would explode and there brain would dissolve to ashes in a bloody mess. Human tribesmen that where around the battle field and are worship there Gods can be eaten to give you more heath, but if you ate one of your worshipers you will be penalize.

   The story line be-hide Primal Rage is that a meteor strike has ravaged the Earth. Technology is no more and civilization has be reduced to nothing. Humans now have been regressed to Stone Age dwellers and live in tribes. In the new world, referred to as "Urth", the land is now covered in a primordial rain-forest. From out of the depths of this new world seven giant creatures emerge trying to take control of the new world. As in every story, there are both good and evil creatures. Four of the creatures are good and are called Virtuous Gods and there are Three evil creatures called Destructive Gods. All of the creatures have supernatural abilities and are Gods of an aspect of nature such as life and death, fire and ice. Each creature has a tribe of human worshipers.
   The first Virtuous Beast is Armadon, aka Spike, is the God of Life. He is a semi-bipedal dinosaur with a Styracosaurus like head and limbs. He has spikes on his back and a club like tail.
   Blizzard, aka Kong, is the God of Good and Virtue. He is a ape-like beast who was frozen in a glacier for a millennia. When the meteors hit he was freed. He is a heroic yeti-like beast that uses the ice and cold as attacks. He is the leader of the Virtuous Beasts and is one of the most powerful and one of the smartest characters.
   Sauron is the God of Hunger. He is a large Tyrannosaurid like beast. Despite being the slowest of all the beast, he can dish out the most damage of all the dino-beast. Sauron suffers from a insatiable hunger, but as long as he eats human flesh he becomes immortal making him a kind of anti-hero. One of his most powerful attacks is hist Stun Roar.
   The final Virtuous Beast is Talon, the God of Survival. A Deinonychosauria like creature that is the fastest fighter of them all. He has the ability to jump really high and being so short, he can avoid a lot of the larger enemies rang attacks. He joined the fight for good to protect his family.
   Chaos, the God of Decay, is another ape type beast. He was a former scientist/witch doctor. Chaos was transformed by accident and was forced to be imprisoned his own filth for eons giving him his current look. Being the most crudest and most vile of all the beast, Chaos will attack his opponents by farting and vomiting. His fatality called "Golden Shower" was the reason the game was pulled off a lot of shelves and then was replaced with a fatality censored version. Chaos would finish off his foe by melting off there flesh with a steam of urine made of acid.
   The God of Evil and Destruction is Diablo. Resembling a Tyrannosaurid, Diablo is a flame-spewing demonic dinosaur. His plans are to reduce Urth into a magma-filled hell so he can torment all living beings on Urth for all eternity. Leader of the Destructive Beast, he is quick on his feet and a great distance fighter, but lacking when it come to close combat. His biggest dream is to make the whole world in flames till the end of time.
   The last evil beast is Vertigo, the Goddess of Insanity. She is a beast based on two different animals. She has the body resembling a Dromaeosaurid dinosaur with a head and neck resembling a King Cobra. The only female character, she is also one of the evilest beast. When Vertigo was imprisoned on the moon, that is what forced the other beast into suspended animation until the meteor hit the plant. Her evil plan is to enlace the entire plant and stripping every single human off all individuality and free will.

   While it was rated "T" for teen, critics still compared it with the rated "M" for mature Mortal Kombat because of the games violence, blood, gore, and the live devouring of humans. To make the critics happy, the game was re-programmed and re-released to add a "Gore/No Gore" toggle switch that would turn off eating humans, Fatalities, and the blood in the game.There was even a case where a mother named Ellie Rovella became enraged when her 11 year-old son bought Primal Rage.  She caught him doing Chaos' Golden Shower fatality. She Returned that game and launched a grass-root campaign against the game.

PERSONNEL NOTE: How do you not know what your 11 year old kid is buying? A lot of These parents wanted to attack the game and there developers, but if you pay attentions to what your kid is buying or what you buy your kid instead of just throwing them in front of the TV or video game, there would be no problem! Be involed in there lives, besides, how did a 11 year kid get to the story and buy the game with out there parent?

   Primal Rage can take credit for several things. They did updating to the game with new content to its existing ROM that also fixed glitches and errors after its release is idea that would be used by the creaters of Mortal Kombat 3, when they did the same thing when bring out Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Primal Rage was also one of the first games were players could start mini-games in the middle of the bouts. It would do this would out using extra credits or modes. A board game was released called "Primal Rage: Rage on Urth!" Even though Primal Rage was a violent game with a lot of gore, the distributors  Playmates, aimed the game towards kids. Mortal Kombat 3 would also use the idea of showing the damage percent after a combo was done. This was also a first in fighting games. Sirius Entertainment also published a comic book based on the game running from 1996-1998. 

   There was a Primal Rage sequel planed called Primal Rage II. The game was never released. The game was rumored to have new characters called Avatars and a Saber Tooth like beast called Smilodon. Also a new Dragon like boss. The idea for the game where then put into a novel called Primal Rage: The Avatars.

   Primal Rage was a really fun fighting game. Besides Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage was one of my main fighting games that I remember playing as a kid. With a lot of games being remade, it would be awesome to see some one pick up the Primal Rage franchise and make either a remake of the first game or the sequel that never was.

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