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   At the beginning of the year I did list of my WTF moments which can be found here: MY VIDEO GAME WTF MOMENTS PART IWell after another year of gaming and thinking over the long list of games I have played, here is part 2 of my WTF video game moments. This post does contain spoilers for the games. If your planning on playing the game, you have been warned.

   In my first post I had a moment from the first Condemned. In the second game, Condemned 2:Blood Shot you find the main character Ethan Thomas is a downward spiral 11 months after the first game. No longer with the FBI, he is recruited back. Ethan finds himself up in the snowy woods where he comes a pond a house. Inside the house he encounters a grizzly bear. Your now running throughout this house with the blood thirsty bear trying to tear you apart. They did a great job scaring and making you panic as you get away. A really get WTF moment when its all done, and as the gamer taking a deep breath when you get threw with it. 

   One of my very first Nintendo games was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I am pretty sure a lot of people where fans of TMNT back then. So when you got to play as your favorite Turtles(Mine has always been Leonardo) in a video game, I was all on it. All was great, was having a blast, but then came the level where you had to go underwater. In the underwater level you must find and defuse some bombs. Sounds easy right? Well all around the small openings you must swim through are electric seaweed. For the most part you can avoid it, but there are some parts where you are completely surrounded by the electrical seaweed and must time your moments extremely carefully. Oh did I mention that its timed? If you played the game you know what I am talking about. It took me a long time to get use to the moments to be able to get past this level, but hey, I was a little wait, I still hate that level!

   If you were to ask me what was one of my all time favorite games, God Of War would be one of my answers. When I saw it advertised for the PlayStation 2 I got excited. I love Greek Mythology and things that go with it. So God Of War was right up my ally. Well shortly after the first scene of the game, you find the main character Kratos in bed with two naked women. Now as I was playing this I had my girlfriend's little brother in the room with me as I was playing. He was a little upset when I kicked him out. That was not the end of my WTF moment as I found out I can walk up to the naked women and do a button sequence and have sex with them. Now they don't show anything, but you can her the women moaning, and when your done you receive a bunch of red orbs. Got to love sex and nudity in games!!

   Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo was hands down one of the best games on the Super Nintendo. My cousin Ernie and I would play and beat that game over and over. Now there was nothing really scary in that game, and playing through it once you got a feel for where everything is. But fighting one mini boss called Crocomire got me to say WTF. You have to fight Crocomire back until he falls into a lava pool. Once in the pool, his skin will melt off and sink down. As you go to advance past where you were fighting, you see air bubbles moving along the ground where the lava pool flows. As you come up to a spiked wall blocking your path, the music get real loud and the boss music starts up again as the spikes fly towards you. As the spikes fall, Crocomire appears and lounges towards you just bones. Crocomire gives out a yell and drops down to the ground in a pile of bones. When he first appears I thought I was going to have to fight him again, and the way the music got loud it made me up. Very good scare!

   One of the biggest games I could not wait for in 2013 was BioShock Infinite. When it finally came out I picked it up and popped it right into my 360. The game looked great and I could not wait to get to some action. When I finally get into town I find out that there is a lot of racism in the game. In fact its so strong and thrown at you in the beginning that it makes it kinda hard to play. It was totally unsuspected. That was something that diffidently made me say WTF.

   F.E.A.R. is a game that will mess with your mind a little. As you start the game you are tying to find a killer. Well right off the bat things start messing with you, and her name is Alma, a female ghost like child. As you are turning to claim down some stairs, she appears out of nowhere. As you turn again another figure appears and disappears. You then start to head down a hallway that Alma changes and is now full of blood. Both when Alma and the other figure appearing out of nowhere, along with the hallway made me know that this game was going to be a ride. Who don't love a great scare in a game.

   Part 2 is now in the books. I am piling up more for part 3. As I said on part 1, leave a comment of some of your favorite WTF moment. I hope you have enjoyed part 2.

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