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   I'm so behind on this post it's not funny. I wanted to post this back in July when I first played The Walking Dead 400 Days. I guess better late then never right? And the fact that season 2 has not came out yet just means that I still have time.

   400 days is a middle story between season 1 and 2 of Telltale Games The Walking Dead. Choices you make in 400 Days will effect things going into season 2. There are 6 stories that happen within 400 Days each taking place during the days after the outbreak of Walkers. Some of the choices made in season 1 will carry over into 400 Days.

   Starting you off at a truck stop off the Georgia highway called Gil's Pitstop. On a bulletin board pictures of missing people are posted. You will play as five different characters, Vince, Wyatt, Russell, Bonnie, and Shel that can be picked from the bulletin board. Each story is there own, but will connect in the end.

  Vince's story takes place during day 2 of the outbreak. A prisoner who barely escapes a prison bus as it is being attacked by a horde of zombies. Vince's choice he has to make is who's foot he will shoot off to get free and flee.

   Wyatt's story takes place during day 41 of the outbreak. Wyatt is found with his friend Eddie trying to escape from Nate trying to run them off the road. They get away for the moment and the two start to argue about what just happen. As they argue Eddie hits someone with there car. They two then fight over if it was a Walker or a person. Either Wyatt goes out to find out, or Eddie. Whichever happens,the two will be separated with Wyatt getting away Nate. Wyatt's main choice he has to make is to stay in the car or get out.

   Russell's story takes place during day 184 of the outbreak. Russell gets picked up by a man named Nate (Same Nate from Wyatt's story). They arrive at a truck stop where they get attacked but a gunman from inside the truck stop diner. Once they two get inside, they find out that the gunman is a old man protecting his wife who was injured. He attacked them cause he thought Nate was the man who hurt his wife. Nate then tells Russell that they should kill the old couple and take there supplies. Russell's choice is now to stay with Nate or leave him behind, either way he will kill the couple and take there supplies.

   Bonnie's story takes place during day 220 of the outbreak. Bonnie is found with husband and wife Leland and Dee. Dee does not like Bonnie very much calling her Leland's "girlfriend" and that he always takes her side over her owns. As this fight happens, they are attacked. Bonnie is separated from the couple when she get shot in the shoulder. She gets up and tries to catch up with her group when she falls down a hill and onto a freeway right by Vince's prison bus. She then runs for some cornfields near by. Hiding behind a tracker, she grabs a metal bar on the ground as someone came close to her. She then a the person only to find out that it was Dee. She calls Bonnie a "junkie as she dies. Shortly after Leland shows up. Bonnie then has to try to get Leland to believe that it was a accident. Bonnie's main choice is to tell the truth or lie to Leland.

   Shel's story takes place during days 236 and 259 of the outbreak. Shel and her sister are held up in the truck stop diner from Russell's story with Vernon's group from season 1. Her sister Becca wants to try and do more with guns and fighting, but Shel is against it. Outside they have caught a man trying to steal from them. Shel finds that one of the group member Roman has the man blindfolded and on his knees. The group then try to decide what to do with the man, let him go or kill him. They are at a 50/50 standoff leaving Shel being the swing vote.

   Weeks later, depending on what you chose, Shel talks to her sister about how the group has changed in there RV. Roman then wants to talk to Shel and tells her that one of the group members Stephanie tried stealing food and ammo to leave the camp. Roman wants Shel to kill her for this. She goes back inside the RV. Becca tells Shel to kill Stephanie and stay where it is safe, with there group. Shel's main choice is to either leave in the RV with your sister or kill Stephanie.

   The very last story is about a woman named Tavia standing at the bulletin board talking to someone on a walkie talkie. She is told by there person the the walkie talkie to use good judgement with the survivors cause they are trying to build a community of only good people. Tavia then drives to a campsite by fallowing a map left on the bulletin board. She then finds all five of the story characters together. She offers them all to come with her. Telling them she comes from a safe place where there maybe people they know already there. Some of them may or may not go with Tavia depending on the choice picked through out the game.

   400 Days was another great game by Talltale Games. And the fact that it leads into season 2 was a great idea. It helps get you to know some of the characters that will be in the new season with more of a background then you got with the characters of season 1. And I can't wait to see when they meet up with Clementine and how they will tie all that together. 

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