Thursday, November 14, 2013


   Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means in most households dinner with the family and friends. I know that is what I got planned as I am cooking this year for my family. Sadly now a days it means getting ready for big sales on black Friday. I always thought it was crazy of people to spend most of there Thanksgiving night not relaxing after a big meal, watching football, or catching up with family and friends, but to go stand in line for the next day sales.

   Now its one thing to go and stand in line on your own time getting ready for the stores to open. Its your free time from work to do what you want to do, and hey who don't want a great deal on pretty much anything on Black Friday. But I find it amazing that stores are open and people shop on the day of Thanksgiving.

   Now I can understand a grocery store being open in the morning for a few hours to help out people who might have forgotten to get. But to have retail stores open is just ridiculous. If people want to waste there time on there Thanksgiving standing in line waiting for Black Friday to start, then have it, but these retail stores deciding to open and force people to work is insane. 

   Now I understand that retail stores are trying to make as much money as they can on these big holiday sales days. They had the whole weekend after Thanksgiving for there big sales from Black Friday-Cyber Monday. Was this enough for them? No of course not. They now have to be open on Thursdays also. And whats even more sad is that people go and shop on them days. And I know for damn sure that the employees being forced to work are not getting paid extra.

   The people who work retail and are forced to give up the time they would have been spending with there love ones should be compensated for having to work. They store is making extra money on these days, why shouldn't the workers? They now have to deal with more customers that are rude and will just make a mess. So on the one day they should get more pay if they have to work.

   I personally don't work retail, but have family members that do. I am upset that I will not be spending anytime with them on Thanksgiving cause they will have to work. People, even if stores are open on Thanksgiving, don't go shopping! Send a message to these retail store bosses, who we all know are not working on Thanksgiving, that people have the right to send the holidays with family. Wait till Black Friday and support people who just want the extra day off to do what they want to do, like you will be. 

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