Wednesday, February 20, 2013


   One thing we all know when playing video games is that we all have that "What The Fuck" moment. It's going to happen, whether it comes from a ending you did not see coming, a favorite or main characters death, or just maybe a good scary that made you say "What The Fuck"! I thought I would give a few of mine that are not in any order. I will have this as a continuous post, cause there are so many WTF moments in my personal gaming past and future that made me want to write a series of blog post. If I can find videos that show what I am talking about I will put them up.This post does contain spoilers for the games. If your planning on playing the game, you have been warned.

   One of my first WTF moments happen when I was just a kid. I had rented Mega Man 2 from Blockbuster, yes I was around to rent NES cartridge games, and was finally after three days kicking it's butt. I fought through all the boss levels and finally got to the evil Dr. Wiley. As I let loose with a fury of attacks and bring down Dr. Wiley's heath, just needing maybe one or two more hits, my dad comes in the room and TURNS OFF MY SYSTEM! "This needs to go back to the store and I'm going now", is what my dad said as he takes the game out of my Nintendo. Not sure how long I sat there looking at the snowy screen of my TV with my eyes and mouth wide open. I know this is not your normal WTF moment, but it sure made me say it, well as soon as the numbing shock went away.
   I love horror survival games. One of my favorite games is Condemned. Now while there are plenty of things that could make you say WTF, the one that sicks out in my mine the most would be the scene with the mannequins.Walking around in the dark with a flashlight that does not last long before you have to shut it down to recharge is bad enough. Noises being heard all around you with the music getting intense. You walk into a room and see a couple of mannequins that seem to be looking right at you. You think nothing of it and look for any items and the path you need to follow. Then you hear the sound of shuffling feet behind you. As you whip around the mannequins have moved and blocked the way you just came in from. Not only have they blocked the way from where you just came in from but there are more of them every time you turn around and they all stare right at you. Every time you leave a room they follow. Now they don't attack you in anyway, but it's not only creep, but very disturbing.

   BioShock is a awesome game that is not necessarily a horror game but will make you jump and creep you out. My WTF moment came in early in the game. As you go through the game you can find audio recordings. In one of the empty rooms there is a dead body in a dentist chair. Next to that is a cabinet with one of the audio recordings. When the recording is done you go to turn around and find the dentist standing right behind you. Now that was a good scare that got you cause he made no noises, so you have no idea he is now standing right behind you.
   John Marston is the main character in the game Red Dead Redemption from RockStar games. Now this open world game takes some time to beat. So you really get to know John and his struggles with his past and how he wants to move on to help his family. The more you play the more you feel for John. He is caught in between a rock and hard place. Hunt down your old partner in crime, or never see your family again are the choices he is given by some government agents. So John heads out to find his old partner so he can move on with his wife and son and not longer be a wanted man by the agents. After a long hunt he finally completes his quest and is settling down with his family. You see the love he has for his wife and son as he eats the poorly cooked food by his wife and teaches his son how to be a farmer. When the agents show back up with a posse of other government agents to kill John. You find out John has been used and after he helps his wife and son escape, he walks out to the agents to be shot to death.
   Classic one for the next WTF moment. Who remembers these words,"Sorry Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!" Yes you fight through level after level only to see the same message over and over again. Each time I got past King Koopa and saw Toad waiting for me I said WTF! When I finally did get to the Princess I looked at my TV and said,"If your first words are "Sorry Mario" I will throw you into the fire with King Koopa!"
   This one was really hard for me! One of my favorite games is Gears Of War. Everyone has there favorite character from the game, normally being the Cole Train. My favorite character has always been Dominic Santiago. Dom is the loyal Delta Squad member that is also the co-lead character in the game. Even though it is not mention much in the first game, in the second game you see the desperate search he is in to find his missing wife. After E-Day his two kids where killed, so all he has left for family besides Marcus is his wife Maria. Finally in the Locust Hollow Dom finds Maria in a cell tortured and a shell of her former self. You can really connect with his character. Well in Gears Of War 3 on top a gas station trying to leave the city of Mercy, Delta Squad is over run by both the Locust army and a horde of Lambent. Dom not seeing any escape in site for his squad does something that got me saying WTF! He takes a tanker truck and after having the rest of Delta Squad jump out of the way, drove the tanker into the gas station. Blowing it up and killing both the Locust and Lambent enemies in the area all at once. I was hoping that he would have jumped out of the tanker and we did not notice, but no. His sacrifice and loyalty to his friends saved Delta Squad. This was a huge shocker to me cause I really did not think they would have killed off Dom. This WTF moment got me to get a tattoo in honor of Dom.

   Now that is part one of my list. I have a lot more to put up, but I believe that will do it for now. So I hope you enjoyed my first list. Feel free to leave a comment about some of your personal WTF moments. And here is a link to my post about my tattoos so you can check out my Dom tattoo. Link to Eight Tattoos And Counting


  1. Nice post! Made me remember some of my own. One that actually traumatized me as a young boy was accidentally saving over my dad's file on Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord (I believe that was the game) He had spent so many hours on it just for me to mess it all up. The reason it was traumatizing is because it was one of the first games I ever decided to try to play on my own. Sure, I had played along side my dad or brother up until that point, but I had decided to sit and play on my own, just to find out I deleted his hard earned save. I was about 4 years old at the time and the WTF hit me so hard that it took a few years before I would play a game on my own again!

    1. Well that sounds more like a WTF moment for your dad and a oh shit moment for you. But thanks for sharing it with me.