Friday, April 20, 2012


   I have put up two of my tattoos in the past and was thinking, well I should just put them all up. So yes your going to see me put up the pictures of the two gaming tattoos that I already have but also the ones have not. At the moment I only have eight, but I am already playing out more. Tattoos take time and money, time I have, but money,well we all need more of that. Well hope you like my tats. I am going to go from the first to the last, enjoy.

   The first tattoo I got was back on 07/00 on my upper left arm in the middle. I got a tribal band that is not the same as my dad's, but something similar. My dad and I are really close and the tat is just something else we have in commend. And yes it goes all the way around my arm. I am not one of those guys that only go halfway cause they could not take the pain of the inside of there arm. Even if I was, I would not want to hear my dad give me shit for the rest of my life. Either way, my first tattoo ever.
   My second tattoo I got was on 12/01 on my upper right arm. I wanted to get a tat that showed love to my family. Grant it I have my own personal feelings on religion, I am Catholic. So I decided to get a cross with my last name above it. This tat is very special to me cause I care a lot about my family and would do anything for them, even though they drive me crazy sometimes.
   Third tattoo was on 09/05 on my upper left arm. That's right, I got my favorite superhero, Spider-Man. I have loved Spider-man as far as I can remember. So it was a no brainier for me to get him tattooed on me. The tattoo is of Spider-man on the side of a Gargoyle in the rain. That is why there are lines going down Spider-man, it was the way it shows how it is raining. You can't really put blue rain water on a blue suit. I really love how it came out.
   Tattoo number four I got was on 09/07 on the side of my right calf. As anyone knows by now, I am a big sports fan. I not only love pro sports, but also college. And me being from the Bay Area, I am a big Cal fan. I mostly watch Cal football, but love me some Cal basketball also. I plan on making my right leg a all sports tattoo leg, so more sports tattoos too come.
   The fifth tattoo I got was on 03/09 on my right upper arm. I am a big horror movie fan. My favorite two horror movies are Friday The 13th and Halloween. So I thought up this half Jason Voorhees half Micheal Myers tattoo. I know, Micheal Myers is missing his hair, I have heard that before. Well once I get all the tattoos I want on my right arm, I am going to fill in the background to complete a full sleeve. I love the way it looks. I even have a idea for a Freddy Krueger tat.
   My sixth tattoo was on 03/10 on my right forearm. One of my all time favorite villains is The Joker. The Joker has no superpowers, yet has hung in and taken on some of the biggest superheros, even Superman. I am more of a Marvel guy, and The Joker may be from DC Comics, but he is to bad ass not to be noticed.
   Tattoo number seven was on 02/11 also on my right forearm. This tattoo is my gaming tat that I put up before. My Dead Space tat of The Marker. Like I said before, there is a black Marker and red Marker, so I went with a mix of both.
   The eighth tattoo was on 10/11 on my left forearm. This is the other gaming tattoo I got that I have already put up. Dom from Gears Of War. As I said before, he is my favorite character and when he died in Gears Of War 3, I knew right away that I wanted to get a memorial tattoo of Dom.

   Well that's all my tattoos I got for now. As I said before, I will be getting more for sure. I want to sleeve out both my arms, and my legs are not going to be safe either. I will post my other tattoos as I get them.

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