Monday, April 2, 2012


   So last Saturday was my boy Joe's 30th birthday party. I have know Joe since Jr. High, and that was back in 94', yes that would be 1994! When I got the invite to the party it was a no brainier to RSVP with a yes. Joe and I have been though a lot of stuff over the years. He is one guy no matter what happens I know has my back and that will always be there for me. Joe is more then a friend, is a brother to me.

   Man I still remember when we meet. He wanted to borrow some markers from me in class, but I did not really know who he was at the time so I said no. And man to this day he still brings that up to give me crap. We use to get in a lot of stuff good and bad. Even ran from the cops once, even all we did was run a red light well I was pulling him on my bike while he was on his roller blades. I will always remember when we went to a school dance in high school and before the dance in the gym they did a version of singled out. Joe was one of the finalist and they had to make a sound like a frog. The two before them did the Budweiser frog commerical, one saying BUD, the next Weis, and the Joe loud saying ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Man get stuff, that chick messed up by not choosing him. And when he broke his arm and decided to walk around like Sting from WCW and not talking. He would point to where ever he wanted to go, good times.
   I have a lot of memories with Joe, one of the best is one of his birthday party's a few years ago. He was doing a whole Mexican theme. So what did I do? I showed up in a Mexican blanket folded over like a sash and came with a bag of oranges. Man I remember how much everyone laughed at that one.
   I had a blast at his 30th. Joe and I won 4 out 5 games of beer pong. And the jello shots and gummy bears soaked in Vodka that his wife Roxs made were on hit. I had about 6 jello shots and downed 3 gummy bears cups, I believe there were 6 in a cup. You can't beat good music and drinking with friends talking about good times past and present. And seeing friends that you grow up with and have not seen in years! It was great seeing my boy David after so many years. I got Joe a bottle of Tequila that he did not even crack up yet cause there was already so much to drink. His real birthday will be tomorrow, April 3rd. So Happy Birthday to my boy Joe!!! To many more and thank you for being the person you are and always being there for me!! Can't wait till next year, then again I can cause we getting old, but then again we will always be young at heart!


  1. Why did I not see this until now? This is an awesome tribute from an awesome friend.We have been through alot together. I love you like a brother. Just bring me my money after Miami wins tonight.

  2. This seems like a great story man. Some friends just make life more fun. One of my best buddies is getting married next month in one of the DC wedding venues. It’s really amazing how time flies. One minute you’re bunking classes together and the next minute they have found the person to spend the rest of their life with. Cheers to friendship and holiday’s man!