Saturday, March 31, 2012


   Wrath Of Th Titans just release and so I went to check it out. I was curious about how this movie was going to be. I was not a big fan of the remake to Clash Of The Titans. I thought some of the stuff thy put in the movie and the order of things were off from the original. Maybe I am just to much of a fan of the original and compared it to close. It was a good movie at the end of the day. I thought it was interesting that they made a squeal to Clash Of The Titans. When I saw the preview for Wrath Of The Titans I go to say that I got pretty excited.
   The movie starts off with the hero of Clash Of The Titans and demigod, son of Zeus, Perseus standing over his wife's grave. Over ten years have passed since Perseus had defeated the Kraken. Perseus now has a ten year old son named Helius. Perseus no longer fights and is now a fisherman. He does not want his son to be a fighter and makes sure that he learns books and studies. Perseus made a promise to his late wife that he would not let Helius become a fighter.

   Well Helius is sleeping, Perseus is visited by his father Zeus. Zeus looking at his grandson tells Perseus that he visits Helius in his dreams. Zeus then tells Perseus that the time of the Gods are coming to a end. He then goes on to tell Perseus that the walls of Tartarus, a Underworld prison, are falling apart because people are no longer praying to the Gods. Perseus tells his father that its not his concern and that he will not leave Helius's side. Zeus tells him that they are going to need all the powers of the Gods and demigods if the walls of Tartarus fall and then leaves.
   Zeus then meets up with his brother Poseidon the God Of The Sea, and his other son, who is a full God, Ares  the God Of War. Ares ask were Perseus is and then makes a wise crack saying that he must be to busy fishing. Zeus says yes he is and walks over to hug Poseidon. The three of them walk over to meet with Hades, the God Of The Dead and King of the Underworld. Zeus pleas with Hades to for get the past so they can work together so the can rebuild the walls of Tartarus. Hades then reminds Zeus how he banished him to the Underworld and orders his demons to attack. Poseidon takes a fireball to the chest. Zeus turns to start fighting back when Ares betrays him, jealous of how Zeus favors Perseus, and strikes down Zeus and then taking his thunderbolt. Hades then tells Zeus that he plans on draining his powers to release Kronos, the father of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, and in exchange he will make sure that Hades and Ares would get to keep there immortally.
   The walls of Tartarus fall and monsters and demons are released from the Underworld. One of the monsters called a Chimera lands in Perseus's village and starts burning it to the ground killing anything in it's way. Perseus starts looking for Helius can can't find him. He lifts a trapdoor in front of his house and takes out and puts on his armor and sword. He then finds Helius and tells him to run. Perseus then kills the Chimera. Perseus then takes his son to the Mount Of Idols so he can talk to his father Zeus. Poseidon appears instead and tells him that Zeus had be captured by Hades and Ares. He then tells Perseus that he must go to Queen Andromeda who has his demigod son Agenor in prison. Poseidon tells Perseus that Agenor will know how to find the fallen God Hephaestus who knows the way into Tartarus. He then gives his trident to Perseus to give to Agenor. Poseidon then dies and turns to sand.
   Perseus then leaves his son behind and flies off on Pegasus to talk to Andromeda. He finds her and tells her armies not to pray to Ares other wise he will find them and kill them all. He then has Andromeda take him to Agenor. Perseus gets him freed and the three of them along with a small group of soldiers take off to find Hephaestus. On there journey to Hephaestus, Agenor tells the story about how Hephaestus make the weapons that the three brother Gods wield, Zeus thunderbolt, Poseidon's trident, and Hades' pitchfork. He then goes on to tell them how when combined, the weapons crate the Spear Of Triam, and it was the only way to stop Kronos. Agenor then asks for the his fathers trident which he uses to direct them to the Hephaestus' island.
   When they get to the island they encounter two Cyclops that try killing them. Andromeda's hand maiden starts to pray to Ares witch Andromeda quickly stops her. Perseus gets one of the Cyclops to fall him and sets off a trap, set by the Cyclops, that swings a tree truck down and it hits the Cyclops in the head. Hearing his fellow Cyclops in trouble, the second Cyclops runs to the first. he finds Perseus on top of the first Cyclops with the trident to it's face. A older Cyclops shows up and tells the second Cyclops to stand down once he saw the trident. The older Cyclops then leads the group to Hephaestus.
   When they find Hephaestus, they find that he is a little crazy talking to himself. They talk him into showing them the way to get to the Underworld to save Zeus. Hephaestus tells him there is only one way to get there and that's through the Labyrinth, a maze of tunnels. He takes them to the door of the Labyrinth when Ares shows up and starts killing all the soldiers. Andromeda's hand maiden prayed to Ares again even thought she was told not to. She runs up to Ares telling him that this is what she was told to do before a battle and is then killed by him. Hephaestus sacrifices himself so that the they can escape into the Labyrinth.
   While in the Labyrinth, Agenor tries to use the map Hephaestus gave him, but the Labyrinth keeps shifting into differ hall ways and tunnels. As they are trying to find there way out, they start seeing hallucinations. Perseus gets separated from the other two and thinks he sees his son. He shakes it off and says that whatever you are you are not my son. He is then attacked by a Minotaur that keeps charging at him through the shadows and pinning him against walls and pillars. Perseus kills the Minotaur and regroups with Andromeda and Agenor and enter where Zeus is being drained.
   While the three hero's are leaving the Labyrinth, Zeus apologizes to Hades for banishing him to the Underworld. Hades says why do you say that and Zeus replies with cause I forgive you for doing this to me. Hades looks like he is having a change of heart when he is attacked by Ares. Well they are fighting, Kronos has become freed. As he reaches for Zeus, Perseus frees Zeus and the try to escape. As they are fleeing, Ares throws Hades' pitchfork and hits Zeus in the back.
   Back at Andromeda's camp, they lay Zeus on a table. Perseus still needing Zeus' thunderbolt that is on Ares back to make the Spear Of Triam, prays to Ares to meet him at the Temple Of The Gods to fight. Ares agrees and they meet up. When Perseus arrives he finds that Ares has his son. They fight and Ares starts beating Perseus to a blood pulp. Helius distracts Ares and Perseus kills Ares with the thunderbolt and Ares turns to sand. While they were fighting, Andromeda's army is not fairing to well against Kronos army, even with the help of Agenor.
   Hades walks into the tent that Zeus is in. He grabs Zeus' hand and tells him he forgives him for banishing him to the Underworld. There hands start to glow and Zeus sits upright. Hades tells Zeus that death was circling around him and that that was the last time he could save him from death. They both leave the tent and start fighting, taking out Kronos' army with ease. While they are fighting there way to Kronos, Perseus flies in on Pegasus. Zeus and Hades us whats left of there powers to give Perseus a long enough distraction to fly down Kronos' throat with the Spear Of Triam. Kronos pounds down on the ground sending a shock wave towards Zeus and Hades. Zeus throws Hades out of the way and takes the blow throwing him into a rock. As this happens, Perseus throws the Spear Of Triam into Kronos and he blows up.
   Perseus then walks over to his father. Zeus tells him that he is proud of him and that the time of the Gods are over. Perseus asks if Hades could heal him and Zeus tells him that Hades is now human and has no powers. Zeus then turns to sand. Hades tells Perseus that now that he is human, maybe he will be stronger then he was when he had powers and walks away.
   As Agenor is talking to Helius, Perseus kisses Andromeda and walks off. He then starts teaching his son how to be a soldier and the movies ends.
   I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was much better then the Clash Of The Titans remake. Don't know if they plan on making another Titans movie, but they did leave it open for one with Perseus training his son to fight at the end. I personally love things about the Greek Gods and Greek Mythology, so when movies come out like this I get really excited. I would highly recommend this movie.