Sunday, March 18, 2012


   My St. Patrick's Day was a pretty good one. Did not really do much like I normally do. Usually my friends and I would get together and go to a bar or just hang out at the house and drink some green beer. And I always try a good place to get some corned beef and cabbage. And of course made sure I was wearing my green.
   I am part Irish so I like doing the whole wearing green and having a green beer. But this year I did not go out with my friends. We had plans to head out with a couple of friends but a lot of them cancelled and the plans fell through. But its all good, had a good time at home playing some video games. I also did something I had never done before, and cooked corned beef and cabbage for the first time.

   One thing about me is, I like to cook. I really like looking up different things and trying them out. So since St. Patrick's Day was coming up, I decided to make the most common dish for this holiday and made corned beef and cabbage. Every year I try to find a place serving the dish. A lot of times I will got to a dinner my Uncle Rich cooks for. He is a great cook and the dinner is like a fundraiser. But this year I was not going to be attending that dinner so whats the next best thing to do? Yup cook the dinner yourself.
   I put the corned beef in a pot filled with water and let it cook for a hour an half. While it was cooking I cut up carrots and potatoes. After that hour an half was up, I added the chopped carrots. After another half hour I chopped up the cabbage and added that to the mix. Then half hour later added the potatoes since they take the less a mount of time to cook. thirty minutes later it was ready. The whole house smelled great. I pulled out the corned beef and cut it into slices. Then I plated the food. It was so good. I am going to try and cook that more often.
   For the rest of the night I was just hanging out watching some shows I had on the DVR. Played some video games and then went to sleep. It might have not been the most exciting St. Patrick's Day I have ever had, but a good one none the less. And I learned how to cook something new. So until next year Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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