Tuesday, March 20, 2012


   The season finial just aired of The Walking Dead with it's final episode called Beside The Dying Fire. It had a couple of thing happen that I was not expecting. And it left you with some questions and wanting more! Little recap, Shane kills Randell and is leading Rick, Glenn, and Darrel on a wild goose chase. Shane splits off with Rick with bad intentions. Shane is killed by Rick with a Knife. Then Carl kills walker Shane. The nose of Carl's gun alerts a huge hoard of near by walkers. As son and father are hugging, they don't notice the hoard heading for them.
   Beside The Dying Fire starts off with walkers eating some kind of animal in the city. A helicopter flies over head which gets the attention of a bunch of walkers. The walkers start heading in the direction of the helicopter. As the walkers start following the helicopter and gather in numbers. They just keep wondering and wondering, running into and through everything they come across. They eventually make there way not to far from where Shane is kill outside of the farm. When Carl's gun goes off, they immediately stop heading the way they are headed and turn towards Carl and Rick. Oblivious to the massive hoard behind them, Carl and Rick start back to the farm. They stop to talk about Shane for a moment and hear a noise behind them, Rick turns and seeing the hoard of walkers, garbs Carl and starts running back towards the farm.

   Back at the farm, Glenn and Darrel show back up and are asking if Rick and Shane had came back yet. They tell the group that they found Randell and that he was killed by his neck being snapped and had turned into a walker without being bit. Lori, being the great parent that she is, can't find Carl and starts freaking out. They head outside to find the hoard of walkers starting to invade the farm. They come up with the plan to drive around with the cars trying to kill as many as they can to thin the hoard down and then lead them away from the farm with the cars. Meanwhile while everyone is driving around killing walkers trying there best to save the farm, Rick and Carl make it to one of the barns. Rick gives Carl a lighter and tells him to head to the top of the barn as he poured gasoline all over the ground. Rick then baits the walkers into the barn and climes up the ladder telling Carl to drop the lite lighter to the ground. The barn and the walkers are set a blaze. In doing this Rick is hoping to kill a bunch of walkers and distract more to the fire and away from the farm house.
   When the group sees the fire, they figure it's Rick and Shane trying to distract the walkers. They send Jimmy in Dale's RV to see if he can help. Rick signals Jimmy to line up the RV to the side of the barn so him and Carl could jump on top of it and get down. While they are jumping down, the walkers force open the door to the RV and kill Jimmy. While this is going on, Hershel is standing in front of his house killing as many walkers as he can with a shotgun. Carol is being chased down by walkers. Andrea sees her and jumps out of Theodore's truck to help her. Lori tells Hershel it's time to go and to run. Hershel ignores her and continues taking out walkers. Glenn tells Maggie the farm is lost and to drive away. Lori now running with Patricia Beth towards Theodore. Patricia is grabbed by a bunch of walkers and is ripped out of the hands of Beth. Beth trying to hold on gets pulled away by Lori and they jump in the truck with Theodore. They head back towards Andrea and Carol to see a walker that Andrea killed fall on top of her. Not seeing where Carol went and thinking that Andrea was taken down by the walker, they take off to flee the farm. Rick shots a walker that was coming up on Hershel's back and convinces him to leave the farm. Rick, Carl, and Hershel pile in a truck and take off.
   Just as Rick is pulling off Andrea gets up and tries to wave Rick down. Rick does not see her and takes off. She quickly grabs her guns and makes a run for it. Darrel who is sitting on his motorcycle outside the farm watching the barn burn and the walkers taking over hears a woman crying as she is running. He starts his bike and heads towards the crying. He finds Carol running out of breath and trying to get away. She jumps on the back of the bike and they take off.
   Maggie is driving and Glenn tells her they need to turn around and head back to the highway where they had left a care package of Sophia. Maggie quickly loses it and say no that's is where all the walkers are and is starts breaking down. Glenn tells her to stop the car. He tells her he loves her and that he should have said that a long time ago. Then tells her that he will drive and the switch spots.
   Theodore, Lori and Beth are flying down the road and Theodore says that they need to head for the East Coast. Lori says she need to find Carl and that they need to head back to where they lost Sophia. Theodore says no, they need to worry about themselves and need to head to the East Coast and that's what they all should have done a long time ago. Lori threatens to jump out the truck and walk back. Theodore says fine we will go back and turns around.
   Rick, Carl, and Hershel get to the highway and don't see anybody. Thinking that everyone was lost or gone, they are getting ready to leave when the whole group shows up. Rick and Carl run and hug Lori. Lori asks about Shane and Rick says he did not make it. They ask about Andrea, but not sure if she is alive or not, they start talking if they should go look for her. Theodore and Lori both say they saw her go down, so they decide to leave with out her thinking she is dead. As they are driving, Rick's car runs out of gas. They decide to make camp for the night and look for gas or another car the next day. Glenn and Maggie volunteer to go ahead and look for some gas. Rick says no they don't need to separate again and they all can go together next day. Well standing on the side of the road, Lori walks up to Rick. Rick tells her how he killed Shane and that he just wanted to be done with all there fighting. Lori starts to freak out and backs away from Rick. Rick tries to grab her and she pulls away and walks off.
   The group then start wondering how people are turning into walkers with out being bit. Rick then says that they are all infected. The group looking shocked ask him how he knows that. Rick then tells the group that Dr. Edwin Jenner, before they all ran off to escape the from the CDC building as it was getting ready to blow up, told him that everyone is infected and will turn when they die. If your brain is intact and you die, then you will turn. The group is stunned to say the least. Glenn steps up and asks Rick how could he keep that from everyone. He said he was not even sure if it was true and that Dr. Jenner was a little out of his mind. Glenn quickly fired back by saying that it didn't matter, then when he found out about the walkers in the barn that he told the group even though Maggie asked him not too. Rick then says he did not think it was true until he saw Shane turn after he was killed with out being bit.
   They go back to Andrea who is still running for her life and running low on ammo and breath. She takes out a bunch of walker when she falls and gets attacked by one that tries to fall on her. She is trying to fight it off when all of a sudden a blade come out of nowhere and kills the walker. Andrea looks up and sees a hooded person that has two walkers chained to them. The walkers has there arms cut off and are chained by the mouth and neck. They then pan to a top view of the hooded person and Andrea with a shocked and confused look on her face.
   Back with the rest of the group, they have now made a camp and it's pitch black other then the light from there camp fire. Carol and a couple others are talking about Rick and how he can't be trusted for keeping things from them all. Darrel says he trust Rick and that he has done nothing that really makes him think other wise. Rick gets up and starts telling everyone off. He tells everyone that he killed his best friend for them. And that if anyone wants to take off go head, that he would not stop them. Then he said that if people were going to stay, that it was no longer a democracy and that from now on that it is his say and that's it. They then ended the episode by backing the camera to a sky view and you could see a prison in the background about hundred yards away from where the group has set up camp.
   There was plenty of action and walkers in this episode. With the prison in the background, one can only think that that's going to be there new home for season 3. And I really can't wait to find more out about the hooded figure with the chained pet walkers with no arms that saved Andrea. Can't wait till season three of The Walking Dead. I will be font and center for the season opener.

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