Tuesday, April 24, 2012


BOOM!  The sound of the bowling ball hitting the pins. 

"Damn Freddy!! Another strike? Your killing me this game," said Tommy. 

"What can I say man, I been practicing while you been getting shot down by the ladies," Freddy said, laughing. Freddy and Tommy were always giving each other a bad time. Friends for over 10 years, they meet back in the 7th grade when they were both 13. With little luck, Tommy was always chasing women. Not that he was not a good looking guy, skinny with his short dark black hair and light green eyes, but he was always saying the wrong thing and using corny pickup lines. 

Freddy, on the other hand, was heavy set with long brown hair and always had a thick goatee. Although he was always big, Freddy had always been athletic. "Hey now, at least I am talking with girls. You have been practicing bowling by yourself? Yeah I say I won this convo!"

Tommy and Freddy were wrapping their game up when they heard screaming coming from the snack bar. They run to see what was going on when they saw people being torn apart by flesh eating zombies. 

Tommy looked at Freddy,"What the hell? I thought zombies were a myth." 

"I knew they were not a myth man, I always had a feeling they were real! See Tommy!  And you called me a nut for being paranoid" 

They ran back to their lane to switch back into their shoes. They knew they could not sneak out, since there were hundreds of undead pouring into the bowling Alley. Tommy points to a emergency exit sign that was across the ally.  Freddy hands Tommy a bowling ball,"Lets make a run for it. We need to get back to the apartment and come up with a plan." 

They made a run for it dodging as many zombies while other people were fleeing for their lives as fast as they could. Tommy is then tackled by a zombie out of nowhere. Trying his hardest, Tommy kept the zombie at bay when Freddy grabs the zombie and throws it off his friend and onto one of the lanes. The zombie slides to a stop and tries to get up but can't because of all the wax. They get to the emergency exit to find a large zombie standing in front of it. Freddy throws his ball at the zombies head. The ball cracks open his skull and he falls to the floor. They run past the zombie as it lays twitching on the ground. Lucky for Tommy and Freddy, the exit lead right to the parking lot where they parked. They get to there car and headed for their apartment.

   As they were driving, they put on the radio to try and find out what was going on. A voice comes on over the radio and says,"Reports of zombie attacks are coming in from all over the town. But only in the town of Summerville. It's isolated and the Army plans to keep it that way. Reports from the Army say that they are going to roll in and keep the town surrounded to keep the zombies from leaving Summerville. When asked where the zombies came from, they responded with a attack from a mad man named Dr. Steele. Dr. Steele was once a brilliant young scientist until his wife was killed in a car accident. After that he spent all his time trying to bring back the dead so he could be with his wife once again. The Army thinks he is somewhere in the town and they hope to find him in all this chaos." With a little static, the radio is shut off. 

"I know what to do now Tommy," Freddy said as they pulled into their apartment.

"What do you mean you know what to do?" Tommy asked as they walked into their apartment. 

"It's simple man, we find this Dr. Steele and beat him till he gives us a cure for these zombies." 

"Freddy I think you lost it man!! How do we find him in this mess? And ah, HELLO, there are freakin zombies everywhere!! How do we fight these things off! Dude this is..." 

"Calm down man," Freddy cut Tommy off. "I always told you this day would come, but everyone thought I was just trippin. Well who is laughing now man? I have been stocking up just for a day like this." Freddy pulls his bed from the wall to open it. When the wall opened, Tommy took a step back. A whole arsenal of weapons were reviled. 

"Holy shit man!! What are you The Punisher on the weekend and you didn't tell me?" 

"Naw man, I just knew to be ready if the zombies attacked. Why do you think I always took you to the shooting range? I wanted to make sure you could watch my back if I needed you to. We are both a awesome shot man, and we can find this guy and end this before things get really bad."

Loading his guns and stocking up, Freddy starts handing them to Tommy. "Still don't know how we are going to find this Dr. Steele, he could be anywhere man." 

Freddy laughs and looks at Tommy and says,"Don't you ever watch the news man?" 

"What do you mean?" 

"About a year ago, they reported on the news that a Lori Steele from our town died in a car accident. And they were burying her in the town cemetery so she would be home." 

Putting extra ammo in his pockets, Tommy in shock says,"Okay, well what does that mean?"

With a smirk on his face Freddy laughs,"Think man, they know Dr. Steele started this and went crazy after his wife died. A woman named Lori Steele is buried in Summerville Cemetery. Put two and two together man. Lori has to be his wife and that means that he has to be somewhere near the cemetery trying to bring her back." 

"You really think so? Well I say this is a crazy, but I don't just want to stay here and die, let's do it man!" 

Locked and loaded the two friends head out to the cemetery.


Summerville Cemetery was only three blocks away, so they decide it would be better to hoof it. If they took the car, it might attract more zombies. Tommy knew of a way to get there through the back streets. They were halfway to the cemetery when they ran into a small group of the undead eating away on a family. The mother was still alive and was crying for help inside of a garbage can as she watched her husband and daughter being devoured. The zombies had the garbage can surrounded and were clawing at it trying to get to the distraught mother. 

Tommy and Freddy's skin got full of goosebumps at the sound of the zombie's nails peeling away at the metal. "We got to help her man, she is going to die if we don't!" 

"I know Tommy, you got your silencer on right?" 

"Yeah man I put it on before we left our place." 

"Okay than, on the count of three. 1...2...3 GO" 

Freddy then shouted, "HEY LADY!!! GET DOWN!!!" They opened fire on the zombies. 

"THE HEAD!!! GO FOR THE HEAD, IT PUTS THEM DOWN FOR GOOD!" Zombie after zombie dropped down dead.

"Are you okay ma'am?" Tommy asked.

"No!! Look at my husband and daughter. Oh my God!! Why!!" She had a hard time talking as she was sobbing. 

"My name is Freddy, this is Tommy. Whats your name?" 

"Bella, my na..name is Bella." 

"Look Bella, I am sorry about your family, but we need to get moving, do
 you have somewhere to go and hide?" 

Bella looks up at Freddy and says,"I....I don't know. I don't know what to do." 

"Well first thing is first, Tommy put a bullet in the husband and daughters heads before they come back to life." 

Tommy went to put the gun to the husband's head when Bella jumped in front of the gun and yelled "NO! They have been eaten alive already, they are dead. Don't disrespect them more by shooting a lifeless person." 

"They can come back and I would rather deal it now then later, so move aside."

Bella flopped down on her daughter and started crying. She started holding her little girl and humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. "Tommy move her out of the way so we can do this, we need to hurry up to the cemetery." 

"Come on Bella, please move,"Tommy pleaded. 

"Your family is gone, now go home and hide till this is over," Freddy ordered. 

"How can you be so heartless?" Bella asked with a sour look on her face as she stood up and walked away from her family. Just then, her daughter woke up with a blood curling scream. She was back as a zombie and started getting up looking for flesh to fill her horrible hungry. 

Freddy, not wasting any time, shoots the little girl in the head and then the husband for good measure. Bella drops to her knees and lowers her head. 

"I'm sorry again Bella," Freddy said, with his head lowered with sorrow. "Tommy, give her a gun to defend herself with, then we heading out." Tommy hands Bella a hand gun and tells her to head for a safe place. They turn around and start heading once again for the cemetery.

As they start walking, they hear a click and then a gunshot. They turn around fast as they ducked their heads. They look up to see Bella falling to the ground. 

"Man, she didn't have to do that!! Why man?" Tommy asked confused. 

"She didn't want to live without her family, or the fact that she witnessed her
 own daughter as a zombie might have just pushed her over the edge. Maybe I should have not given her that gun after all." 

"Freddy, it's not your fault." 

" I know man, go pick up the gun, we can still use it." The two of them moved Bella and put her in between her husband and daughter putting their hand together and then left.


Finally getting the cemetery, they sneek into the gates and lock them so no more zombie could get in. There was only one way in and one way out of the Summerville Cemetery and the whole grounds were surrounded by tall walls with metal spikes. They head for a church that was located in the middle of the cemetery grounds. 

"You think the Doctor will be in here Freddy?" 

"I don't know man, but it's the only place around here that has good cover, so I would say it's a safe bet." 

When entering the church they see a man pacing back and forth with his hand to his chin. He was a order man in his forties with short grayish hair. In front of him was some kind of machine.

"Hold it right there!!!" Yelled Freddy as he was pointing his gun at the man. 

"Who the hell are you?" The man answered back. 

"No, who the hell are you, and what is that in front of you?" Freddy yelled in response. 

"I am Dr. Steele. And..." 

Tommy cut in "Holy crap man!! It's really him!" 

"Clam down Tommy. Why did you do all this just to bring your wife back? People are dying because of you." 

"ME?!?!" Not me, young man. I might have came up with a way to bring back the dead, but it was not ready yet when it got tested. Where I work, the people got ahead of themselves and tried to bring back the dead too soon. The end result is what you see now. They were trying to transport the zombie they made when the truck carrying it crashed and let the zombies go. I am here trying to fix it all." 

"Why should we believe you?" Freddy asked. 

"Look, I did want to bring my wife back. But not till I knew that it would work and bring her back the way she was before she died. This whole story of me going crazy and evil are false. The US Army is who I worked for when all this happen. They are just trying to point the blame on me. I have found a way to turn the zombies back to normal."

"So how do you plan on doing that?" Tommy asked. 

"Well, I have made a counter acting drug. I just need to set it off. The only problem is, I need to get all the zombie into one spot." 

"I got a idea. Why don't we set off all the church bells and get them to all come to the cemetery? Then you can set off you cure and that will be that." Freddy said, sure of himself and his plan. 

"That is a great idea! Can you help me?" Asked Dr. Steele. 

"You got it man. Let's get started." Freddy said as he sent Tommy to set off the bells.  He went to open the cemetery gates. As the bells went off, all the zombies headed for the church. As soon as the cemetery was full, Dr. Steele set off his machine that released the cure. All the zombies fall to the floor shaking and quivering. Slowly but surely they all started turning back to normal. 

"Finally no more zombies ever!!! We will always win over any stupid zombie!" Freddy yelled with excitement.

"AHHH!" Yelled out Tommy as he set up in a cold sweat. 

"Freddy! Freddy! Wake up man, I just had the scariest dream man!" 

Freddy sits up half asleep and says,"What man, I was in a good sleep. You yelled so loud you could wake the living dead." 

"I had this dream that we were human, not zombies. And we found a way to kill off all zombies. Zombies lost the war against the humans and it was all our fault! What a trip man," Tommy said as he wiped the sweat from his decayed forehead. 

"That's funny Tommy, humans win the war? Thanks for that laugh! Well, I'm hungry, let's hunt down some humans to eat. What do you feel like today, Mexican, Chinese, or Indian?" 

"I could go for some Italian, Freddy" 

"Sounds good, lets go." The two zombie friends rise out of their dirt grave beds to hunt down their meal for that day as they laugh about the dream.

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