Friday, April 6, 2012


   Man oh man this game was intense! The Sharks are battling for first place in the Pacific Division. The owner of that title at the moment are the Kings. So it is so fitting that the last two games of the season the Sharks will be playing the Kings. No matter what the out come of there next meet is, the Sharks are going to be in the Playoffs. But there is a big difference between being the 8th seed and the 3rd seed.
   So on to tonight's game. The Kings where home tonight. There were fights though out the whole game. The Sharks spent most of the first period in the penalty box. The Kings scored the first goal of the night by Martinez. About eight minutes after that, the Sharks fired back and score themselves with a goal from Demers. That was the only scoring in the first period. The period did end with 4 minutes left from a five minute penalty from a Kings' player Fraser with a illegal hit from behind on Sharks' player Couture.
   The second period starts and the Sharks wasted the four minute power play. The Kings score back to back goals from Stoll and Brown. Sharks down 3-1 where looking like they were struggling a little. More fights break out as this happen through out the night. Right before the period was over the Sharks score a much needed goal by Thornton as the second period ended.
   Third period starts and about a minute later Clowe scores a goal tying up the game. The Kings were not going to go out with out a fight. The Kings' Williams scores a goal take the lead once again. Sharks wanting that division lead score two quick goals from Marleau and Havlat taking the lead and making the score 5-4. This was the first time the Sharks had the lead in the game. Not to be undone, the Kings strikes back with a goal by Williams to tie the game at the end of the period. 
   The game goes into overtime and no scoring happen. They go into the shootout. Richards is first for the Kings and misses. Then Clowe comes up for the Sharks and misses. Up next for the Kings is Brown who also misses. Pavelski is the hero for the Sharks and Sharks' fans by making the goal. The Kings' last hope to tie up the shootout was Kopitar. Hope was all the Kings had, because Kopitar missed his shot giving the win to the Sharks.
   Now the Sharks only have one game left in the season. They are playing the Kings once again this Saturday(4-7-2012). If the Sharks win they will take the division and the third seed. The Sharks have been to the playoffs thirteen times out of the last fourteen years. But we have not won a Stanley Cup yet. 
   I really hope this is going to be our year to win it all. Time to shave off what facial hair I have and start growing out the playoff bread after Saturday's game!! I am a big Sharks fan baby!! GO SHARKS!!

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