Monday, February 11, 2013


      So my wife is starting school today and I thought it would be nice to write her a little something on her Facebook wall. I know I am not no poet, but thought a little message would be nice. The comments I got after where all funny from friends and family. Guess they did not know that I (The one they call a verbal abuser) can get sensitive if I wanted to!! Well here is what I wrote this morning.

To Crystal-

Today is the day you start school!

Today is the day things get a little harder!

Today is the day you will find out what your made of!

Today is the day that you start to change your life!

Today is the day both our lives start to change!

Today is the day I am so proud of you!

But just like everyday, today is the day that I love you!

Have a great day at your first day of school, you know I'm behind you!

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