Saturday, February 16, 2013


   Revelation fallows the events in the first Silent Hill movie. Sharon is freed from the limbo of Silent Hill by her mother Rose who uses a amulet that only allowed one person to escape. Sharon reunited with her father Christopher, now travel around trying to stay under the radar from The Order of Silent Hill. Sharon, who now goes by Heather to disguise her identity, does not remember what happen in Silent Hill. Her father, who now goes by Harry, tells her that she was in a car accident and lost part of her memory and that her mother died saving her in the accident. She thinks they are on the run because Harry killed a man who, unknown to Heather, was sent to kidnap her back to Silent Hill.

   Heather, now 17, is plagued with nightmares from Alessa to stay away from Silent Hill, and not return. She contiguously sees images of the monster of Silent Hill in everyday people. On her way to school she meets a man by the name of Douglas asking her about her real name. She flees from him and heads to school. At school, she meets another new student named Vincent after the school starts to transform from "The Darkness" of Silent Hill. As she tries to leave school, and Vincent who tries to make friends, she sees Douglas again. She runs back into the school calling her dad and tells him she is being followed. He tells her to meet him at the mall, but as he goes to leave to meet Heather he is abducted. His abduct e is not shown.
   As she waits, Douglas shows up as "The Darkness" starts to change reality again. Freaked out by all the people who now look like monsters eating human hamburgers and by Douglas, Heather runs and heads towards the malls basement. Douglas catches up with her and tells her that he is a private investigator that was hired by The Order to find her. Once he found out who they where he knew he had to warn Heather about them and that they knew where she was. Just then they are attacked a monster with blades for hands. After the two of them escape in a elevator, the monster catches up with them and kills Douglas. Heather gets back to the surface of the mall where she finds police loading Douglas's body in a ambulance. As she leaves, Vincent is there and starts to walk her home.
   Heather finds her apartment trashed and her father missing. On the wall she finds a message written in blood to "Come to Silent Hill". Vincent returns cause of Heather's screams, and the two head for Silent Hill. They stop a motel cause Vincent says he is tried and needs to rest. He then reveals that he is really the son of The Orders cult leader Claudia Wolf. He tells her what really happen to her when she was in Silent Hill with her mother and about the amulet and that there is another piece. He goes on tell her that his grandfather Leonard, who his mother had put in Brookhaven Asylum, has the over half to the amulet. He tells her he was sent to bring her back to Silent Hill, but could not cause he realized that Heather is the good half of Alessa. As Vincent tries to convince Heather not to head back to Silent Hill because she is the key for the order to kill Alessa, when "The Darkness" appears again and a monster takes him and knocks out Heather.
   When she comes to she walks out on to the ash filled streets of Silent Hill. Dahlia, Alessa's mother, comes from out of nowhere and Heather asks her where her father is. Dahlia tells Heather the story of how she came to be and that she was the good side of Alessa's soul. Dahlia then tells her to run inside to try and hide as "The Darkness" was coming. She runs into a mannequin factory where she is forced to flee from a multi-armed mannequin monster. She escapes the factory and ends up right outside Brookhaven Asylum. She then heads into the asylum.
   Meanwhile Vincent is being judged by his mother and The Order for treason. Harry is chained up in this same room. Claudia has her son sent to Brookhaven to be locked up.
    Once inside Brookhaven, Heather finds Leonard. Leonard, who is chained up and is blind, tells Heather how he was imprisoned by his daughter Claudia because she said he had "The Darkness" in him. Heather asks him about the amulet and puts it in his hand. He tells her that it, when whole, exposes the true nature of things. He then places the amulet in his chest where the other half was and reunites them. Leonard disappears into the shadows only to return as a deformed monster. He grabs heather and starts walking off with her when she see the completed amulet and rips it out of his chest destroying him.
   As she tries to find her way out, she is attacked by the asylum's patience that are locked up in there cells. As they grab and pull at her there there cell doors, she yells out for help. Just then Pyramid Head shows up chopping off the patience's arms allowing Heather to flee. As she hides from Pyramid Head she see some Order members carting Vincent to a back room.
   In the room, there are several Nurses. They are not moving till they hear one of the Order members start talking. Once they here the noise they attack the and kill both members, then go back to a stand still position. Heather shows up and starts to ask Vincent about Harry's where a bouts causing the Nurses to start to stir. He tells her that he is beneath the amusement park. As the Nurses start to attack, Heather frees Vincent and they leave Brookhaven.
   When they arrive to the amusement park, Vincent uses himself as a distraction to pull The Order guards away from Heather. Alessa then confronts Heather on the carousel that Pyramid Head is confined to as he spins it. They fight for who will be in control, good or evil, with Heather winning and absorbing Alessa. The carousel then descends underground where Heather finds Claudia and her Order. She also finds Harry and Vincent as prisoners. Claudia tells Heather that she was not only brought back to destroy Alessa, but also to be the vessel for the birth of there God. Heather tells her to let her father go, and Claudia tells her that his blood will be the sacrifice that will release there God.
   Heather tells Claudia to touch the amulet so she can see how see really looks. When she touches it, she transforms into the same monster that attacked her at the mall and killed Douglas. Once transformed she tries to kill Heather. Pyramid Head, being the protector of Alessa and Heather, intervenes and attacks Claudia. After a back and forth fight, Pyramid Head, with a swing of his giant sward, cuts off her head. He then walks away.
   With The Order stopped and now Alessa's revenge served, the town stops raining ashes. Harry tells Heather to go on with out him cause he needed to find Rose. Heather and Vincent then hitch a ride from a trucker named Travis Grady on the outskirts of Silent Hill. As they ride down the road a prison bus accompanied by police cars pass by them and head into Silent Hill. As they enter the town ash begins to fall again.

   Now well I did really enjoy the movie, it did feel kinda rushed. Also they did not completely stick with the video game story line. Now I know that is a lot to ask for, but at least there were little things. Like Vincent in the game was a priest of a cult, not a teenage kid. And how they used The Order, when they don't come in the games until Silent Hill Homecoming. Also some of the monsters they used from other games.
   One thing I really liked was all the Robbie The Rabbits throughout the movie. Also how they had the truck driver that picked them up at the end name was Travis Grady who was the main character from Silent Hill: Origins. And that the prison bus heading into Silent Hill at the end was a tie in to the video game Silent Hill: Downpour that came out 6 months before Revelation came out. Now was this just a tie in to the video game series, or was this a clue into the next Silent Hill movie since the story with Heather and Alessa is now done. If that is the case, I hope they go through all the game series. The Heather/Alessa story covered Silent Hill 1 and 3. Downpour would cover the eighth game in the horror series. I personally would love to see them cover Silent Hill 4: The Room.

   Only time will tell what we will get in the Silent Hill movie franchise. I know for hardcore fans its hard to watch how they changed a lot of things up, and if you follow the series you know what I am talking about. But hey at the end of the day, both Silent Hill movies are pretty good and have strong ties to the games. Unlike the Resident Evil movie series where they completely swayed from there video game ties!


  1. I loved this movie despite the critics! ^^
    Good resume.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Yeah I thought it was really good, but as a big fan of the games its just hard to watch how they changed things up. But all in all still a great movie for what it is!