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   The final episode of the first season of Tell Tale Games The Walking Dead has came out on November 21, 2011 (Yes I know I am a little late getting this up, life happens!). Quick recap, Lee has been bitten on the arm as he was looking for Clementine who has gone missing.He does not tell the group about being bite, I chose not to tell them, Lee, Because of my choices I have made, could only get Ben to go with him to go find Clementine. As episode IV ended you find out that she has been kidnapped.
   After the quick conversion with the stranger on the walkie talkie, Lee knows to look for Clementine somewhere else in the city. Searching around the morgue, Lee and Ben find a elevator. Lee uses a rib spreader he finds to pry open the elevator doors, he then passes out from his bite. When he wakes up, Ben tells him he was out for awhile. Lee shows Ben the bite and grabs a surgical saw, You can now choose to cut off Lee's arm or not, I chose to cut off his arm hoping it would save him or give him more time, which Lee uses on himself.

   Once that is done, they wrap his nub and climb up the elevator shaft to the roof. Once on top of the roof they see that the streets are filled with Walkers and it will be impossible to get back to the manor. Lee looks over and see a bell tower in reach. He then uses Molly's method to drawing the Walkers, and rings the bell. Once the Walkers start to clear out, they leave the roof top and get back to the manor.

   When they arrive at the manor, they find the rest of the group locked up in the boat shed. Well Lee and Ben where gone, Vernon and his group came armed and stole the boat, leaving Lee's group behind and locked up. Kenny, already mad about the boat being stolen, starts going off on Ben again. Ben does not back down this time though, and yells back at Kenny telling him he is lucky for getting the chance to say goodbye to his family. He then tells Kenny that he did not even get that chance and then he needs to stop wishing that he was dead.
   Just then a heard of Walkers invade the manor. After a valiant effort, they are forced to the attic. Once locked in the attic and safe, Kenny, thinking they are trapped with a infected Lee, then starts a fight with Lee about his bite. You can now choose to lose your temper with Kenny or stay claim, I chose to lose my temper, Lee picks up a stone during the fight with the thought of throwing it at Kenny. He then throws it at the wall in anger which reviles that the wall is weak and can be busted down. They then take turns trying to bust down the walk to get to the other side that leads to the house next store.
   Well the group takes turns, Lee talks with Omid and Christa about who should take care of Clementine if Lee turns. You then can choose who should take care of Clementine, I chose Omid and Christa, As Lee tells the couple his wishes, they brake through to the other house. They find a couple that killed themselves together after barricading the door to the room. They use a balcony to jump across to the next building's roof. They all make it cross when its Ben's turn. When Ben goes to jump across the balcony collapses and he falls to the ground.
   Lee and Kenny rush down to aid Ben and find that he had been impaled on a railing. Kenny yanks him off the railing causing Ben to yell out in pain which draws Walkers to the ally they are in. Kenny push Lee behind a gate telling him that he must find Clementine. He then locks the gate and apologizes to Lee for all the pain and grief, and this is a chance for him to redeem himself. He then uses the last bullet he had to kill Ben and make sure he would not come back. Lee then loses sight of Kenny and is unknown if he died or escaped.
   Lee regroups with Omid and Christa on the roof. They head towards the Marsh House, the hotel Clementine's parents where staying, to find Clementine. On the way they find a sign that connects the roof they are on to the next build that was near the Marsh House. Lee goes first and the sign starts to collapse. Lee tells the couple that he is going to go on by the street and to meet up with him later. Lee then, pissed off, walks towards the Marsh House determine to get to Clementine. Armed with only a butchers knife, he hacks down the Walker infested path getting the Walkers blood all over him.
   Once inside the Marsh House, Lee searches for Clementine and finds a bedroom with room holding the bathroom shut. As Lee walks toward the door where he can her Clementine calling out for help. When he goes to respond the Stranger comes in with a gun behind him and tells him to sit down. He then tells Lee to be quiet and to give him his weapons, You now have the choice to give up or keep your weapons, I chose to surrendered my weapons. He then sits down across from Lee and asks if he has ever hurt anyone. After Lee responds, the Stranger tells him that the car that Lee's group looted belonged to him and his family.

   He goes on to tell Lee that him and his wife, Tess, lost there son, Adam, during a hunting trip. When they where out looking for Adam is when Lee's group took there supplies. When they returned to there car and everything was gone, Tess took there daughter, Elizabeth and left him. He found them the next day, but with his wife's severed head in a bag near him, Lee figured out for himself that they had been turned into Walkers.

   The Stranger then tells Lee that he has been following them ever since they where station at the Motor Inn. He then goes thought the choices that Lee, Really the choices that you the player have made, had made through out his journey. He then tells Lee that he will be talking Clementine he will "hurt him so bad". He then turns to Tess's head, which is still moving and making noises, and starts talking to it. As he is distracted, Clementine escapes from the bathroom. She grabs a weapon that Lee put on a desk when was disarmed and sneaks up on the Stranger. Just as he states that Clementine "could not hurt a fly", she  attacks him by stabbing him.The two men fight for the gun that the Stranger drops. Lee then chokes out the Stranger, You now have the choice of shooting the Stranger or just leave, I chose to shot him, and then shoots him to make sure he does not come back.

   As the two reunite, they go to leave when a Walker jumps out from the hallway. It sniffs Lee and ignores him and lunges toward Clementine. Lee stops the Walker and kills it. Realizing that with all the Walkers blood on him, they other Walkers would just think he was one of them, he takes a organ from the dead Walker and rubs it all over Clementine. With there sent hidden, they head out to find Omid and Christa.
   Once in the street right outside of the Marsh House, Clementine sees her mother and father as Walkers. Lee tries to clam her down when he passes out. Lee wakes up in a store that Clementine dragged him into for safety. Inside is a Walker that was a former security guard, You know can choose to tell Clem to handcuff the Walker or Lee, I chose to handcuff Lee. Knowing that he is close to turning, he has Clementine handcuff him to a radiator for her safety. After killing the former security guard turned Walker, she grabs his gun and keys to the emergency exit in the security office. Lee tells her to find Omid and Christa, as Clementine pleads with Lee not to turn. You know have the choice of  either having Clem shoot Lee so he can not come back, or leaving him handcuffed to become a Walker, I chose to have Clem shoot Lee so he will not become a Walker, Clementine and Lee crying say there goodbyes and she shoots Lee. She then leaves Lee's lifeless body.
   After the credits are done, Clementine is shown in the hill outside of Savannah resting by a car. As she looks around trying to stop crying, she sees two silhouetted figures way off in the distance walking. As she tries to figure out what to do, the two figures stop walking and look back at her as the episode ends. This ending season 1 of the game leaving you wanting more!

   I am still upset that Lee was killed off! I was hoping that by cutting off his arm, that would have saved him. It was brilliant to have the Stranger be the guy who's car the group looted in episode 2. I am surprised that they killed pretty much the whole group and left Clementine by herself to survive. The way Telltale Games had all the episodes of season 1 connect with the choices you make, make it easy to see why this game got game of the year at Spikes TV's Video Game Awards.

    I can not wait for season 2 of the game to come out. So many questions to be answered, such as Who are the two silhouetted figures? Are they friendly or not? Will Clementine find Omid and Christa? Did Kenny make it or did he die in the alley? Hopefully all these questions will be answered in the next season that has not been announced when it is coming out. I know that I will be keeping my eye out for any news stories on it, and will keep updates on the blog! Till next season, stay safe and survive the Walkers.

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