Sunday, December 30, 2012


   Not going by the weird crowd that booed during all the fights, UFC 155 was filled with excitement and something that has not happen in a long time. It was a Pay-Per-View where every single fight on the card was entertaining. The tension built the later the night got for the anticipation of these two great heavyweights to lock horns again. This fight taking place a little over a year from when Cain lost the title to Dos Santos.

   So to recap last years fight, it took place on Fox, the first time ever, for free. The champion Velasquez claiming he was injured, still took the fight. Thoughts of a epic fight between the two where short lived when Dos Santos knockout Velasquez with a nasty hang maker in the first 64 seconds of the first round. Winning the title and leaving Velasquez on the mat title-less and unconscious. And for the next year Dos Santos would dominate the heavyweights.

   Well the domination for Dos Santos stopped at UFC 155 when Velasquez whipped the floor with Dos Santos all 5 rounds. Velasquez proving when healthy, that he is a unstoppable machine. Velasquez landed 210 punches to Dos Santos' 66. Whether it was in stand up or on the ground, Velasquez controlled the whole fight. Dos Santos did land some good punches, and did escape from Velasquez's take downs, but it was not enough to even score enough points to make it a close fight.

   Even though Velasquez won the match and had complete control of the fight, it did come to a decision. Dos Santos showed a tun of heart by taking a beaten and still found the strength to get up and try to keep his title. The judges scored the fight 50-45, 50-45, and 50-44 in favor of Velasquez. And with this win, Velasquez joined Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia to be the only multi-time heavyweight champion in UFC history.

   Dos Santos said after the fight,"Tonight he was better then me," and " Cain Velasquez, like you said, I'm going to come back and I'm going to take my belt again."

   Congratulations to Cain Velasquez on his win. A speed recover to Junior Dos Santos, I can not wait to see both these great competitors in the ring again. I know Dos Santos will bounce back from this, and build his way back to the top. But the day belongs to Velasquez, you new UFC heavyweight champion of the world!

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