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   Episode IV finally came out on October 10, 2012. The group is just arriving in Savannah, which is a ghost town. There are some surprising events in Around Every Corner. The choices you make in this one are not as heart felt as in Episode III, they seemed to go back to giving you some simple chooses to make. And the end will leave you in shock.
   As the group walks into the empty town, Clementine is trying to get her walkie-talkie back from Lee. Lee is holding on to it to see if the unknown man talking to Clementine tries to contact her now that they were in Savannah. As they make there way down the streets, Christa asks Omid if he needs to get off his leg. You can now chose to ask Kenny to stop and rest, or just say that you need to press on. I said to press on. Shortly after church bells start ringing and Lee sees a figure running away form the bells on the roof. Just then the unknown man chimes in and tells them they better get off the streets.

  The next thing the group knows, they are being surrounded by a horde of walkers. Lee has to save Kenny as he falls to the ground and is quickly overwhelmed by walkers. Kenny thanks Lee, but Lee is to distracted by Clementine's whereabouts. He spots her with Ben being surrounded by the walkers. Lee tells Ben to protect her, but Ben freaks out and runs off leaving Clementine to fend for herself. Lee now rush over with his gun shooting the walkers. One walker is just about to attack Clementine when Chuck kills it with his shovel. As Chuck starts to fight off the walkers, Clementine rushes back to Lee. Chuck tell them to leave him behind and he will catch up later.

   The group find a mansion that has been set up to keep the walkers out. As they try to find a way in, they notice that the dog door has a electronic lock on it. Lee then sees a dog house and a grave next to it. He digs up the dead dog and collects the collar that will unlock the dog door. As he was getting the collar, the dead dog's head falls off making Christa throw-up, giving Omid some questions about why she got sick. Christa claims its the smell of the dog.

   Lee unlocks the door and Clementine rushes in before they could stop her. After she does this there is a short moment of silence that makes Lee worry. She then opens the door and they carries Omid in and set him the living room. After Christa yells at Lee about not telling them about the man on the walkie-talkie. Kenny thinks it was the unknown man who rang the bells, and Lee tells them what he saw and thinks that the unknown man wouldn't lore the walkers to them and warn them. They then search the house for food and supplies.
   As Lee is looking around, Ben runs in telling him that Kenny went to the attic and has not come back down or responded to him. Lee goes to investigate to find Kenny on his knees looking a boy Ducks age that died of starvation and is now a walker. Since the boy died in such a weak condition, it can barley stand and can't walk now that it is a walker. Kenny breaks down thinking about his son and how he could not pull the trigger to stop him from becoming a walker. Lee comforts him and tells him that that was his own boy, and that is understandable why he could not do it. You now have the chose of leaving the boy, or having Kenny or Lee kill him, I chose to have Kenny kill him. 
   Lee then takes the boys body and buries him with his dead dog. As he is filling the grave, Lee notices someone watching him. As the stranger runs off, Lee yells at him to stay away or he will kill him. Kenny and Lee then head to the coast looking for a boat leaving the rest of the group behind including Clementine. Once the get to the harbor, they only find one boat have sunken. As they look around the find a wall make of dead walkers with a sign that says Crawford, keep out. There are a few walkers hanging from poles still moving to show that these people mean business.

   Back at the water trying to figure out there next move, they spot the person who set off the church bell earlier. They try to sneak up on the person, who is wearing a mask, which leads to Lee fighting with the stranger. In the middle of the struggle, Clementine show up out of nowhere. When the stranger shes her, she stops fighting. They remove there mask and introduced herself as Molly. Kenny still tries to sneak up and shot her when Lee stops him.

   Molly tells them that she thought they were from Crawford. She then tells them how Crawford has rules saying that there are now kids, elderly, sick, or injured people allowed so that the strongest of them will survive. As they speak a group of walkers make there way towards them. The four of them run down a alley to escape. Molly, Kenny, and Clementine claim up onto a fire escape. Lee can not make up in time and flees into the swears.
   Down in the sewers, Lee makes his way through to try and get back to the mansion. Along the way he finds Chucks dead body, which had been ripped opened. Next to Chuck's hand was a empty gun he had used to kill himself before he was completely torn apart. Lee then finds a door that leads to a underground morgue that was well stocked. Inside he finds a small group of people that believes are from Crawford.

   The small group thinks that Lee is from Crawford, Vernon, a doctor, draws a gun him. You can now chose to threaten Vernon or reason with him, I chose to reason. After they go back and forth they both realize neither are from Crawford, they all clam down. Lee finds out that the small group are a cancer support group that fled from Crawford because the town leader Oberson's rules. Lee asks Vernon to come with him to help Omid's leg. Vernon and another one of the small group named Brie leave with Lee.
   Once back at the mansion, Vernon helps out with Omid. Lee looks for Clementine, but can not find her anywhere. He finally finds her out in the back trapped in a shed. Lee frees her and she shows him a 30 foot boat that was inside. Kenny comes out and looks the boat over. He discovers that it needs a battery and some gas. They come up with a plan to sneak into Crawford and steal what they need. Vernon and Brie want to go so they can get more medical supplies, some that they need to help Omid. Clementine tells Lee she wants to go, which he declines. She then reminds him that he had told her never to leave his side. You have a chose to either bring her with you, or make her stay behind, I chose to take her with me. 
   Once they get into Crawford, the find that there is no one alive and it was filled with walkers. They run to the elementary school where the supplies were held. They set up in a classroom Crawford used as a armory. They then split up to get the supplies they needed. Lee and Molly head to find the battery. Molly finds a walker with scrubs on and attacks it as if she had a personal vendetta against it. They then find the battery they need and Molly takes off with out Lee saying she is going to run an errand.

   As Lee gets back into the school, Kenny and Brie come running in being chased by walkers. Lee slides a hatched he found in between the door handles stopping the walkers from getting in. Lee then goes to check on Christa and Vernon who went to the medical room. He finds walkers on the outside of the door and he takes them out. He goes inside and sees that the cabinet for the medical supplies is locked up and they need combination to unlock it. They look through some tapes in hopes that the camera caught someone using the code.

   On the tape he sees the doctor telling a woman that she is pregnant and that they needed to end it because of the no kids law. Lee realizes that the doctor is the same walker in scrubs that Molly was attacking earlier. He then runs back to where the walker is and finds a locker key on him. He finds the locker the key goes to and finds another tape inside.

   When watching the second tape he see Molly putting her cloths back on after having sex with the doctor for meds her sister needed having diabetes. After he hands over the meds, the doctor tells Molly that he can no longer help her out after this time. On that tape he sees the combination and he unlocks the cabinet to the medical supplies. As Lee is heading back to meet everyone else, Molly catches up with him. He asks her about the tape and her sister. She tells him that's why she left Crawford and she run off earlier to get a picture of her sister.

   When walking be to the classroom, Ben jumps out with a hatchet thinking that Lee and Molly where walkers. Lee realizes that its the hatchet Ben has was the one he used to lock the walkers out. Molly starts killing the walkers and then is grabbed by one. Lee then tries to shoot the walker, but Clementine fires her gun and kills the walker.

   They get back to the classroom and Brie holds the door shut from the walkers. Kenny gets the armory door open by force. Against Lee's wishes, Ben tells Kenny about his involvement with the bandits at the motel. Kenny enraged, tries to attack Ben, but is held back by Lee and Vernon. The group starts to vote to keep Ben in the group or not. Clementine says that Ben needs to stay cause they are friends and friends don't leave friends behind. As Brie is asking if she and Vernon get a vote, three walkers bust in biting Brie. The rest of the group rushes out through the Armory into the bell tower.

   Because the door was forced open by Kenny, it was unable to be shut. The bell tower is also over run by walkers. Kenny hands Lee a shotgun and they start making there way up to the top of the tower. Vernon asks if the train he saw out the window is the one they came in. As he was asking is question, the bell in the tower goes off right behind Ben. Ben falls over the railing with a walker holding on to his foot. Ben tells Lee to just let him fall to his death for all his screw ups. You know have the choose of saving Ben or letting him fall to his death, I chose to save Ben. After Lee saves Ben they all leave the tower and head back to the mansion.

   When they get back they find Omid laying motionless. They believe he has died and Christa begins to cry over him. He then wakes up and scares everyone. Vernon then gives him the meds. Vernon then talks to Lee in private in the hallway. He questions Lee on if he should be talking care of Clementine and offers to take her off his hands. Lee snaps and tells him to get lost, and that he is perfectly fine taking care of her.

   Lee then has a talk Molly who tells him that she is going to leave, saying that she is better off on her own. Lee says goodbye and heads to the study where Clementine is. As she is watching Kenny working on the boat, Lee comes in and talks with her. Clementine asks Lee if they will have time to find her parents before they leave on the boat. Lee tells her that her parents are most likely dead and that they would not be looking for them. She then cries herself to sleep. When Lee wakes up, Clementine is gone and can not be found anywhere.
   Lee looks for her outside and finds her hat on the ground. He then finds the walkie-talkie outside the mansion walls. As he goes to grab it, a walker that was hidden under a board attacks Lee. Lee gets bitten in the attack. Just then the group walks up to see whats going on. You can now choose to tell the group about the bite or keep it from them, I chose to keep it from them. You tell the group how Clementine was kidnapped and that they need to go find her. Lee tells them that he thinks Vernon took her. Lee then try to get the group to go with him. Depending on your chooses in the game, it will depend who agrees to go with you, Ben is the only one who comes with Lee. Since Ben is the only one coming with me, Kenny says they will wait for them, but only for so long. Ben and Lee then leaves heading to the sewers where Vernon and his group where. Just to find it abandoned.

   This leads to a cut scene showing Lee freaking out. Then the same hoard of walkers from the last episode are seen walking the streets of Savannah. Clementine's voice comes on to the walkie-talkie calling out to Lee. She is then cut off by the unknown man's voice, telling Lee that Clementine is nice and safe. Lee then calls the man Vernon and he tells Lee that he is not the old doctor. He tells Lee to choose his next words wisely. It then ends the game with a "To be continued".

   I could not believe that they had Lee get bite. I really did not see that coming at all. And with the last episode out in the season, I wonder if they will find Clementine before Lee turns, and if they can get back to the boat. And if Kenny is going to wait long enough for them to get back. 

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