Thursday, February 21, 2013


   Episode 19 of season 3 of the cartoon Regular Show is entitled Video Game Wizard. In this episode the two main characters Mordecai and Rigby enter a video game tournament called the Game Inferno Tournament. This episode is based off the movie The Wizard that came out in 1989 starring Fred Savage. The title alone gives it away as a reference to the movie. 
   After playing video games and Rigby playing so bad that Mordecai wanted to watch TV, they see a commercial for the Game Inferno Tournament. As they show the prize, the Maximum Glove, Rigby is all excited to enter the tournament with his best friend. That excitement is short lived when he finds out that Mordecai had already signed up for the tournament with there other friend Skips. Rigby from then on would try to get Mordecai to change his mind and pick him. 
   Once at the tournament and making it to the finals, Mordecai upset that his friend Rigby, who was so upset about not playing with his best friend had left the tournament, asks Skips if he could step out so he could play with Rigby in the final. Skips agrees ad Rigby takes over. Rigby then tells Mordecai that he is sorry he is playing so bad and that there going to lose. Mordecai tells Rigby that it does not matter, what matters is that he is having a awesome time playing games with his "Best Bro". 
   Just then they get zapped into a different room where a live version of the Maximum Glove with a eye on the palm that tells the two friends that they are the first gamer's to figure out that video games are meant to have a good time with friends. He then "Maximizes" them which combines the two friend into one person. They then defeat there opponents Fred and Jimmy with ease, winning the Maximum Glove and turning back to normal. Back home they start playing a racing game with the glove. They start complaining how the glove is not steering the car, and as the car drives off a cliff, Rigby says,"This controller blows!" ending the episode.
   Now I don't ever watch Regular Show, don't really find it funny and don't really think the animation is all that great. The other morning I turned on the TV and the last channel it was on was Cartoon Network, and it was airing Regular Show. I saw that they were playing video games in the episode, so that got me to check it out and see where they were going with it. Right away I could see that Video Game Wizard was a reference to the movie The Wizard by the prize of the Game Inferno Tournament. The prize being the Maximum Glove that looks just like the Power Glove. When I checked the title of the episode it was only obvious.
   Other references to the movie The Wizard is when they had the commercial for the tournament, they had a kid walking around with the glove on that looked just like Lucas who wielded the Power Glove in the movie. He also used the same line as Lucas from the movie when talking about the glove by saying,"It's so bad!". Even the racing game is a reference, when Lucas shows off his Power Glove, its while playing a game called Rad Racer. Also the final opponents at the end of the tournament, Fred and Jimmy, where drawled up to look like the two main characters of The Wizard. Also there names were a reference, Fred for Fred Savage and Jimmy for the main character in the movie. 
   I thought they did a pretty good job in there comparisions from the movie to the cartoon. It got me to watch a cartoon that I don't normally watch. Not sure if it was a tribute or if it was to make fun of the movie, but either way it was a entertaining episode. If you don't know about the movie The Wizard, I will set a link for you to read my blog post I have done on the movie.  The Wizard Blog Post Click Here 

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