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   Last year I did a list for my video games of 2011, and now with 2012 done and over with, I had to do another list. In 2012 I did not get as many games as I did in the previous year, but still got a pretty good amount. Between there not being to many games that came out that I wanted and the fact that money was really tight last year, I got pretty much what I wanted. If you want to read my 2011 list before this one, here is a link to that post- MY VIDEO GAMES OF 2011 

   Two of my favorite franchises came out with games last year, Silent Hill: Downpour and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Both game were really good. While Downpour was not your normal Silent Hill game, well at least to me anyways, it was still a really good game. Still had some great scares and a good twist at the end. I did think that monsters where not your typical Silent Hill monsters. But I was told that the monsters in Downpour where suppose to be based on the main characters feelings. That would explain what was called "The Void" in other world. 

   Capcom tried something that I thought was really cool in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. You play as part of the Delta Squad of the USS(Umbrella Security Service) and you are to cover up the break out in Raccoon City by talking out special targets. It was a different view of the game since your playing as the evil Umbrella Company. And the fact that you have the choice to change the out come of the other Resident Evil games.

   The Darkness II was a game that I was really looking forward to after playing to first one. While it was really fun, it seemed really short and the Darkness powers were not really the same as in the first game. But still a good pick up. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is well, a golf game. The last Tiger Woods game I picked up was in 2010. While really fun, there not games that really need to be bought every year. 

   Devil May Cry HD Collection was a fun pick up. It brought me back to when I played the first Devil May Cry game when it first came out on the PS2. The HD Collection has the first three games on one disc with updated graphics. Sleeping Dogs was a fun game that I picked up. Similar to a Grand Theft Auto game, you play as a undercover cop trying to balances your life as a thug trying to gain the trust of the Sun On Yee Triad, and the pressures of being a cop undercover. Got to love a open world game!

   Normally I would not add a game for you phone, but I will make a exception for anything Star Wars. Angry Birds Star Wars is a awesome game that really contents with the movie. And I love how each of the birds have a power from Star Wars. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale I got for Christmas. It gave me another reason to use my PlayStation 3!! They have a great cast of characters and the fighting style is similar to Nintendo's Smash Brothers. I grew up with fighter games, so I got into that game fast.
   Assassin's Creed III brought me back into the series. After Revelation last year I was kinda put off of Assassin's Creed. Which really upset me cause I love the series. But AC III brings back the fun of the series and adds some really fun things like hunting animals. It got me excited and wanting more, so bring on Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag coming out this year.

   My next three games are games that I was disappointed in. Soul Calibur V, Borderlands 2, and Halo 4 were games that I thought were going to be a blast to play. Soul Calibur V stared Enzio from Assassin's Creed II. I normally like the style of game play in Soul Calibur games, but they changed the story mode. Normally you can pick a character and once you beat the final boss, you would get a cut scene of what happen to them next. But nope, not in Soul Calibur V, they just role the credits. That was a huge disappointment. 

   Borderlands 2 in my opinion tried to change to much from the first game. I didn't even get that far in the game before it was just not that fun to me anymore. The weapons seemed really weak, and it didn't feel like you really knew what was going on like in the first game. Halo 4 really surprised me when I popped it in the first time, and not in a good way. I realize that a whole new studio made Halo 4, but why change so much is beyond me. I played 20 mins of the mulitplayer and had to change the game. So much got changed from the last Halo game to come out, Reach, that it I did not even want to play any longer. I took it out and just recently just started the story mode. Now that is not to bad.

   My last game of 2012 is a game that came out in 5 episodes. It won game of the year, and rightfully so. If you still don't know what game, it is Telltale Games The Walking Dead. This game was awesome! Trying to survive in a world full of zombies while trying to keep a little girl and the group you meet up with safe. You have to make tough decisions that impact each episode you play through. You also find out that the undead are not the only things that you have to worry about.

   So there you have my 2012 list. I did pick up Resident Evil 6 last year and gave it to the wife as a Christmas gift. I will be playing it soon, but since I have not yet, I did not want to add in. 2013 has already started off crazy with game that have came out, and there are many more to come. This year will definitively  have a bigger list then my 2013. I am looking forward to playing through a big year in gaming. Oh and don't forget that we got new consoles coming this year too!

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