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   Episode III of The Walking dead is here. This episode is entitled Long Road Ahead. In Long Road Ahead there are some tough very hard choice to be made. Episode II was horrifying and gory, while in episode III they stray away from the gore and really play with there emotions. This is the hardest episode to play through so far.

   Long Road Ahead takes place a week after there horrifying trip to the St. John's Farm in episode II. Whats left of the group are still using the motel as there strong hold with the help of the supplies they found in the abandoned car. Lee and Kenny are back in Lee's home town of Macon looking for what ever supplies they can find in the small town. Kenny climbs up on top of the back of a semi trailer and as Lee starts to climb they hear a woman screaming for help. Before the two have a chance to do anything she is bite on the leg. Lee then wants to shoot her to put her so she does not have to suffer, while Kenny tells Lee to leave her so the walkers will focus on her screams and they would have more time for supplies. First choose of the game, if you kill the girl then you have less time to grab supplies, if you go along with Kenny and leave her to be eaten alive, you will have more time to grab supplies, I chose to leave the girl to be eaten alive. 
   Once you enter a store for the supplies, the two can hear the woman screaming in pain. As this is going on, Lee and Kenny find and grab whatever they can. When they hear that the woman has stopped screaming, they realize they don't have much time left and prepare to leave. As Lee walks past a door, several walkers bust throw it making the door knock down Lee pinning him. Lee asks for Kenny's help, depending on your relationship with Kenny he will either help you or think about leaving you behind, and he thinks about leaving Lee to die. Lee fights off the walkers and Kenny shoots the walkers coming towards Lee. Lee asks Kenny what was that all about, and Kenny simply states that Lee was okay so don't worry about. They escape through a crack in the wall and flee to the motel.
   Lilly is pleased with the amount of supplies that they bring back. She says that it should be enough to get them through the upcoming winter. Once this is said Kenny argues that they should take what they have and leave the motel now that the RV is working. After a quick fight between the two. Lilly then brings up that someone is stealing supplies. With the help of Duck, Lee looks into the matter. As your looking around Carley tells Lee that she wants to have a word with him. Lee goes with her and she tells him that he should start to let people know about his past and how he murdered someone. You can choose to pick who you want to tell about your past, or not to tell anyone. I chose to tell Clementine, Kenny, and Katjaa. All three thank you for your honesty, but Kenny tells Lee if they have to leave someone behind, they would use that as part of there decision. Carley and Lee also seem to becoming more then friends at the end of there talk.
   After a discovery made by Duck, Lee finds a bag of medical supplies hidden in a ventilation shaft right outside of the motel. Lee goes to Lilly to tell her what he found. As the two talk, they hear yelling coming from outside. They look and see that the bandits have everyone on there knees. One bandits starts stating that they should have never have stole from them and that they will be sorry. Lilly takes her gun and tell Lee to keep them from hurting there people as she sneaks out the back. As Lee is talking to the bandits, Lilly shoots one in the head giving the group a chance to run and confusing the other bandits. Carley picks up the dead bandits gun and takes out the rest but one. He escapes can whistles for the rest of the bandits.
   Lee now gives cover for Clementine and Ben as they rush to the RV Kenny is trying to start up. As more bandits start to flood the motel, walkers start attacking them. Lee sees Katjaa and Duck are pinned down by bandits he quickly takes out. As Katjaa and Duck run towards the RV, a walker tackles them to the ground. As Katjaa holds the walker up trying to fight him off, Lee shoots its in the head. Everyone flees into the RV with Lilly barely making it in when they take off from the motel they called home to where they don't know.
   As they make there escape, Lilly starts accusing both Ben and Carley of giving there supplies to the bandits. Ben freaks out and Carley tells Lilly to back off and shut up. Lee tries to keep everyone calm. As Kenny is driving he hit a walker and has to pull over. As he tries to pull the walker out from underneath the RV, Lilly lines up everyone and starts pointing fingerings at Ben and Carley again. Ben starts pleading that it was not him and not to kick him out of the group. Carley on the other head tells Lilly that she needs to get over herself gives her some choice words. At of rage, Lilly shoots Carley right in the head. You now have to make a choice to either leave Lilly behind or tell her to get back in the RV, I chose to leave her behind for killing Carley. 
   As you drive off Lee watches as Lilly runs off into the wood trying to get away from a walker. Katjaa now calls Lee to the front of the RV, when he gets up there Katjaa and Kenny tell him that Duck was bitten when the walker knocked them down during the bandit raid. Lee goes back and tells Clementine the bad news. Lee then wakens to Clementine trying to eat him as she has turned into a walker. Lee freaks out as he fights her off only to awaken and realize he was only dream as Clementine lay fast asleep in his arms. The group then come upon a train blocking the road.
   Lee talks to Kenny and the decide to take the train to Savannah to try and find a boat if it will start up. After a little while, Lee gets the train started. As Lee heads to the back of the train to release a pin to detach a overturned box car, he runs into a homeless man by the name of Charles. He tells Lee that he has been living in the box car and that he already meet everyone else. Katjaa tries to talk to Kenny about Duck, but in denial, Kenny storms off to man the train. Lee pulls the pin and they all leave for Savannah along with Charles who decides to join the group.
   As the group makes there way down the tracks, Katjaa calls over Lee to help her with Duck. She then ask Lee to tell Kenny to stop the train cause they need to deal with Duck. Lee heads to the front of the train to talk to a in-denial Kenny. He believe his son will be fine. In trying to get Kenny to stop the train you can try to reason with him or fight him, I fought him not defending myself. Kenny finally stops the train and walks over to his wife. As they decide who will kill Duck before he turns, Lee volunteers to do it saying no parent should have to kill there own child. Kenny and Katjaa agreed and walk into the wood alone to say goodbye before Lee took care of Duck. From out of nowhere the group hears a gun shot and Kenny scream. Lee rushes into the woods to find Katjaa on the ground dead from a gun shot. Not wanting to live without her son, Katjaa decided to take her own life. With Duck about to turn, Lee tells Kenny he will finish it, Kenny lowers his head and Lee puts a bullet in Ducks head.
   Everyone gets back on the train and heads out. Ben starts talking to Lee and his that he was the one giving the median to the bandits. Lee then goes off on him tell him that he should not repeat that to anyone else. Lee then goes and sits down with Clementine. She tell him that Charles told her that she is going to die like Duck, and Lee storms off to find Charles enraged. He find Charles in the front of the train and starts cussing him out. Charles tells Lee that he need to treat her as a living person and not as a little girl. Charles tell him that they should have plan and she needs to learn how to defend herself. Also that she should have shorter hair so that the walkers can grab it so easily.
   Lee claims down and finds a map to come up with a plan with Clementine. The two of them come up with a idea and Lee teaches her how to shoot. He then cuts her hair with much dislike from Clementine. Just as they are finishing up, the train comes to a stop.There is a tanker truck hanging off a bridge blocking the tracks. As the group is trying to figure out what to do, they meet two more survivors by the name of Omid and Christa. They join up with the group and they are start talking about trying to unblocking there path. Lee sees a small train station heads to check it out, Clementine joins Lee on his trip. Once inside they find a blowtorch. They also find three walkers that Lee killed well nearly getting bit. Christa comes running when she hears the gun off asking if everything was okay. Lee says everything is good while, like everyone so far, question if Lee has what it takes to keep Clementine safe.
   Back at the bridge Omid helps Lee to cut the tanker latch to free the tracks. Once free of the tanker, Ben hears a noise and sees a horde of walkers coming towards them. Lee tells Kenny to take off well he and Omid are still on top of the bridge. Lee then drops the blowtorch by the tanker still lite to set fire to the tanker now spilling out its fuel. Lee and Omid run to the other side of the bridge and jump down to the train. Omid lands awkwardly and falls to the ground hurting his leg. Christa jumps out of the train to help him. Lee back inside the train gets ready to help them. Either you can help Christa or Omid into the train, either way the other gets mad for not helping the other, I chose to help Omid with the bad leg. 
   Back in the front of the train, Lee is driving it when Kenny walks in. As Clementine sleeps in a chair her walkie-talkie goes off and a voice comes on a little broken up. The voice says the he is happy that Clementine is coming to Savannah and that he has her parents, also not to worry about what Lee says. Kenny and Lee looked at each other in shock not even knowing that the walkie-talkie worked. The episode ends with the two men wondering what is waiting for therm in Savannah when they arrive.
   In the sneak peak for episode IV, it shows Lee demanding the voice on the walkie-talkie to tell him who he is. There are talks about leaving Omid behind because of his leg, and Lee tries to find out from Clementine who she has been talking to.
   As I said in the began, this was a tough episode to play through. Depending how you been making your choices with Kenny, he could be treating you like he don't trust you or that he does. Either way it is hard not to feel for the man who had to see his wife take her life cause she did not want to live with our her son in front him. And then watch as Lee had to put a bullet in his sons head as so he would not turn into a walk. It seems like in episode IV there getting back into a survival action scene with out the heart tucking to get to your emotions. Who knows though until it gets played. Episode IV came out on 10/9/2012.

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