Friday, January 30, 2015


   Getting back into the gym took me sometime. Over the holidays not only did I enjoy all the great food, I stopped going to the gym. Whatever I had lost when I started going to the gym, I know I gained back. No excuses coming from me at all about this, its all on my loving the food from Thanksgiving till Christmas.

   Well starting on 1/27/15 I got my ass back into the gym. I have not had a soda or fast food for over a week. Eating a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a nutrition bar in between each meal. I have also been drinking a gallon of water everyday. The only think I have had outside of water is coffee in the morning with no sugar or cream. I am going to start eating only chicken breast and fish for lunch and dinner. That was a diet I was doing for awhile till my fridge went out.

   Well one of the ways I am going to keep myself motivated to keep up the weight loss is to make pre-workout videos. They are only two to five minute videos where I talk about what I have been doing in the gym and the activities I did the day before, and how I am staying on my diet. Also the progress I am making with my workouts.

   Be on the lookout for my videos that you can find on my YouTube channel. The link to my channel is Solis64. I will post the first three videos I made on this post blew. I encourage everyone that is trying to loss some weight to do the same thing by documenting your thoughts and progress with videos or by blog. Stay on it everyone, and if you need some motivation, just ask. Sometimes you just need to hear some words or a full conversation. I get a lot of motivation from my friends Anthony and Ben. Both weightlifters and heath nuts.  If you want to checkout Ben and his training, checkout his Instagram at @B2THE4THPOWER.

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