Wednesday, December 31, 2014


   My finale top 5 list of 2014. If you missed Part II, you can see it here:

   In my finale top 5 list of the year, I will be going through my top favorite TV shows. In 2014 there was some great TV on. Between heroes, the dead, bikers, and game shows, my 2014 was very entertaining. Even though we had to say goodbye to some favorite characters whether it was by a death or the end of a show. With this list, there is no particular order. Having said that, here is my top 5.
 5-Arrow: DC Comics show about there famous archer is in its third season now. They have done a great with the characters and introducing other characters in the DC universe. As cool as it is to see superheros with different kinds of powers and abilities, its great to see them focus on a hero with out any powers at all. The Green Arrow is just awesome and his team up/crossover show this year left you wanting more.

  4-The Flash: Speaking of that crossover/team up, The Flash started this year and has taken off in, well, a flash! The Flash has always been one of my favorite superheros. When I found out they was going to make a spin off off of Arrow I got excited. And I don't feel that I was disappointed. Can't wait to see where they go with the show, and if they do another crossover with Arrow.

   3-Gotham: May just be the year of DC Comics for TV shows, cause Gotham is another new show that aired this year. Airing on Fox and not connect with Arrow and The Flash that are on The CW, Gotham is the story of The Dark Knights city when he was a kid. The show starts off with the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents and the path that sends a scared little boy to become one of the greatest heroes ever. That however is not what the show is only about. The main focus is on Jim Gordon as a detective starting off in Gotham. You see very early how some character become the villains that will challenge Batman in the future. 
   2-Marvel:Agents Of Shield: Marvel's show that connects with there movie world came back for there second season. Now facing the fact that the agency is falling apart after Hydra amerced hiding within Shield from the Captain America second movie. Every time there is a new Marvel movie coming out, I can't wait to see how they will connect the show to whats going on with that movie.

   1-Sons Of Anarchy: I was at a crossroads with the new SOA season that aired in September. Between loving the show and this being the last season, I was not sure excited I was going to be knowing that this was it! Been watching SOA since the start of the show. It has been a crazy ride, and I will miss this show and character for sure! All them deaths the past two seasons!

   Some honorable mentions for the year of 2014-The Walking Dead, Chopped, Bar Rescue, Big Brother, Tosh.O.

   Crappy TV show of the year, any show like Honey Boo Boo or Real House Wife's! Also any show like Toddlers And Tiaras! Honorable what they do to those kids! 

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