Monday, December 29, 2014


 Back again for Part II of my 2014 top 5 list. If you missed Part I, you can find it here:

   In Part II I will be doing my top 5 video games of 2014. As before, I will also have some honorable mentions. Its been a pretty good year of gaming for me. Playing some good games on both my X-Box ONE and my PS4. So with out any further a dew, here is my top 5.

   5-South Park: The Stick Of Truth:Tray Park and Matt Stone hit a home run with there RPG, The Stick Of Truth. Every little detail of this game is done right. You feel like your in a episode of South Park. The cut scenes run smooth and flow perfectly into game play. A must play if your a South Park fan.

   4-Destiny: Yes Destiny made my list. Now I know there has been a lot of negative things said about Destiny. Stuff like it didn't not live up to the hype, and there is a lot of repetitiveness. Well the game looks great and play good also. The mean reason however for making my list is not just the story and game play, but for how fun I have playing Co-Op. My friends and I have a great time play through the missions and just trash talking with my friends.

   3-TitanFall: TitanFall is my go to game for multiplayer. There is not much of a story in the game, which was kind of a disappointment. Still, a great game to go to if your not a big Call Of Duty fan. This is also another game that is fun to put on with your friends and blow off some steam.

   2-The Last Of Us: Remastered: I was not sure if I was going to put this game on my list at first seeing how it came out last year for the PS3. Then I realized that this list was not just about games that came out in 2014, so it was added very fast. Even though I beat this game last year, I had traded it in with my PS3 when I got my PS4. So I never got to play the DLC. It was a must buy when it came out for the PS4 as it has one of the best stories I have played through in a long time, plus it came with the DLC. 

   1-Alien:Isolation: This game surprised me in becoming my favorite game of the year. When I first got the game, I didn't realize that it was a survival horror game. Meaning you pretty much hide the whole game to survive. Now I am the type of person who love going in and fighting gung ho. When I found out that you needed to hide to survive, I was thinking that this is not going to be fun. Was I wrong big time. With a great story and the use of the kinect, Alien:Isolation will take you on one scary ride. Oh how many times I yelled and jumped at this game.

   Some honorable mentions for the year of 2014-Halo:The Master Chief Collection, Outlast, The Walking Dead Season 2, Deadrising 3 DLC.

   Crappy video game of the year would be Assassin's Creed:Unity. I was so excited for Unity when it was announced. After the success of Black Flag, why would anybody not be excited for a new Assassin's Creed game? This game was a big disappointment. The story seems to be pretty good, but with the lack of game play and a complete 180 on the game controls, its a game I find hard to play and finish. 

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