Saturday, December 27, 2014


   In the year of 2014 I have seen a lot of movies, watched a lot of TV, and played a good amount of video games. As the year is coming to a end, I decided to make a list of my top 5 movies, TV, and video games in a three part blog post. I will also throw in my some honorable mentions. For the first post, movies.

   Going to the movies is something I have always loved doing. In 2014 I saw a lot of good movies and some bad ones. The month of May I was in the theater every week with seeing a new movie. Here is my top 5 for movies:

   5-Annabelle: Annabelle become really known when the movie The Conjuring came out. She is a doll that is possessed by a Demon. In the movie Annabelle you get to see how the doll became possessed. Its been very long since I had gotten really creep-ed out by a scene in the movies. That changed when I saw the basement scene in Annabelle. If your a fan scary movies that don't depend on blood and gore, Annabelle is a good movie to checkout. A much watch in the dark, if your not to scared! 

   4-Maleficent: Sleeping Beauty has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. Now grant it, Maleficent is not your typical Sleeping Beauty story. It tells the story from Maleficent and how she become so dark and evil. It was fun to see the world the characters live in besides a dark forest and a castle as in Sleeping Beauty. Disney did a great job on the retell of a classic story.

   3-The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Anybody who knows me, knows I am a huge Spider-Man fan. Hell I got him tattooed on my arm. And this movie came out on my birthday! In the second movie of the Andrew Garfield area stared one of my favorite Spider-Man villains, Electro. The action was really good, and the last fight scene between Spidey and Electro was awesome. The death scene towards the end was done right in my opinion!

   2-Captain America: The Winter Solider: Now most might be surprised that I would pick Captain America over a Spider-Man movie. Well Marvel did such a great job on a Captain America, you could not help but love the movie. And after the crap movie called Iron Man 3, I feel they bounced back with a great superhero movie. The Winter Solider was done perfectly, both the look and feel. And love that they introduced Falcon.

   1-Guardians Of The Galaxy: Talking about Marvel getting it right, James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy is what its all about. The characters and there dialog was done perfect. Chris Pratt played Star Lord/Peter Quill the way I see him when I read the comics. The Universes are coming together in Marvel, and the Guardians better have a role in The Avengers 3! 

   Some honorable mentions for the year of 2014- When The Game Stands Tall, Hunger Games:Mocking Jay Part 1, X-Men:Days Of Futures Past, Godzilla, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(Was not as bad as I thought, but still...Uh..for another post), Interstellar.

   Crappy movie of the year would be Robocop. How the hell do you have a PG Robocop? You don't! God that movie was bad. That's one thing that not even Bixby Snyder would "Buy That For A Dollar"! 

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  1. Good list! I agree with your top two especially, I think Captain America and Guardian's of the Galaxy were both amazing movies that really deserve to be on this (and everyones) list!