Thursday, November 20, 2014


   Finally after 12 weeks of hell and losing, the Raiders have gotten there first win. With a win of 24-20 over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Raiders are now 1-10. Carr went 18-35 for 174 yards and 1 touchdown. Latavius Murray showed that he should be the starting running back running for 112 yards on 4 carries with 2 touchdowns. His second touchdown was for 90 yards on a run.

   Unfortunately, Murray got hit with a helmet to helmet hit, which was not called for a penalty, and had to leave the game with concussion. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery, cause we really need him in that back field. McFadden and Jones Drew have done nothing for our run game this year.

  Reece showed up big time tonight. He pushed and fought for first downs and yardage. Next year, Murray and Reece need to be our back field.

   One thing that has to be said, it was not funny when it happen, but can be laughed at now. With the game on the line on 3rd down, the Raiders get a sack on Alex Smith. The Chiefs with no timeouts still had 4th down to try and get a first. Two defensive players for the Raiders start celebrating 15 yards behind the offensives as if the game was over. Justin Tuck being the vet he is, calls a timeout as so we did not take a penalty. Smith throws a incomplete pass giving the ball back to the Raiders and the win.

   It feels so good to get that monkey off our back and finally get a win. One thing the Raiders need to work on is Special Teams. To many holding penalties and dropped balls!

   Hopefully the Raiders can keep up there spirits and get a few more wins before the end of the year. GO RAIDERS!

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