Sunday, August 4, 2013


   The latest episode of Disney's XD Avengers Assemble aired today.  The seventh episode of the new series is called Hyperion. This was my first experience with Hyperion even though I a  huge Marvel fan. So I was a little shocked at this character and his similarities to his powers and look to two DC Comic characters. He looked like Captain Marvel, cape to one side and same color scheme, with Superman's powers.

   The show starts off with the Avengers trying to stop a bunch of meteors from destroying the city. There where all doing pretty well until one huge meteor dubbed a "Earth-Eater" for its size, which would be enough to kill everything on the planet. Hulk and Thor use all of there might to try and break it apart and Iron Man tries to slow it down. Iron Man realizing that they where not going to be able to stop it in time starts saying his goodbyes to his teammates. Just then the whole meteor is blown into tiny cubes. As the Avengers regroup and try to figure out what happen, the see Hyperion standing about some of the cubes. He gives a wave and a wink and flies off.

   The Avengers then try to figure out where Hyperion came from and all his powers. This is interrupted by the Wrecker trying to rob a armored car. Right as they are about to fight Hyperion swoops in and takes out Wrecker in a careless fashion almost hurting the guards of the armored car. He then thanks the Avengers for the assist. As Iron Man tries to tell Hyperion that they need to talk, he flies off again.

   Falcon back at Avenger Tower finds away to track down Hyperion just as he appears above them. Hyperion's base is a huge floating rock with a citadel on it. The Avengers go to the citadel to confront Hyperion. Hyperion then tells them his origins. He shows them his home world with the use of his super computer called Quagmire. He tells the story of how he tried to save his people, but the villains of the planet destroyed the planet and he barley escaped. Now he is the only one left of his race. Hyperion then hears a sound and tells the Avengers that some people never learn and flies off.

   Hyperion accuses Wrecker of trying to skip town as he claimed he was not. Hyperion then when to kill Wrecker with his heat vision. Iron Man dives in front of the shot saving Wrecker. This infuriates Hyperion leaving him wanting to know why they would try and stop him. Iron Man tells Captain America to keep him busy and flies off to Hyperion's citadel. Hyperion then takes out Hulk underwater and Thor in space. Falcon uses he weaponry to hurt Hyperion's hearing and vision. Hyperion then takes out falcon. As Hyperion lands on the ground a kid throws a rock at him made cause he hurt the Hulk. Hyperion grabs the kid and flies high into the sky, he gets ready to hurt the kid when Captain America stops him saving the kid. Hyperion then tells Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow that humans are flawed. During this he realizes that he has been played for a fool and takes off for his citadel.

   At the citadel Iron Man is using J.A.R.V.I.S. to hack into Quagmire. He learns that Hyperion destroyed his own planet and people after he realized that the people would not listen to his dictatorship. Iron Man tells Hyperion that humans are not perfect as Hawkeye fires a arrow at Hyperion. Hyperion catches it and looks at Hawkeye asking him if it's some kind of exploding arrow. Hawkeye explains that it is a distraction arrow as a flag that says bang falls from the tip. Just then Hulk and Thor crash in and take out Hyperion quickly. At the end of the episode Hyperion is shown in a cell made to keep him from escaping. As he pounds away at the walls, he claims that the Earth will soon need him again.

   As I stated before, I was shocked at how similar Hyperion was to Superman. Same powers and a very similar origin story, well for the most part. And how his costume was similar to Captain Marvel. He even took Thor's red cape and whore it. There was even a lot of references to Superman, though very settle I still caught them. Still all and all it was still a very good episode. And it was great to be introduced to a new character I have never seen before. 

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