Tuesday, July 30, 2013


   Last night I had a dream that I was playing baseball. Now as a Oakland Athletics fan, you would think that if I was going to dream about playing for a MLB team it would be them. But no, for some reason I dreamt I was playing for the Chicago Cubs. Which is very strange since the A's and Cubs are not even in the same division or league.

   In my dream I was up to bat. We were in Chicago at Wrigley Field and it was the bottom of the 9th. Down 1 runs and with two outs left. If I make this last out, we lose the World Series and the Chicago White Soxs would win. Being down in the count 1-2, I had to swing to stay alive. I could feel the crowds energy no matter how much I tried to tune them out. As the pitcher gets ready to throw the ball, you can hear the crowd gasp for air hoping for a hit. The pitch comes, a low curve ball. I swing the bat in hops to make contact. SMACK!! I connect with the ball and drive a line drive single to the outfield.

   Standing on first base I take a couple of deep breaths knowing I did my part to keeping the team alive and now being the tying run. The next batter comes up and and the crowds energy is still pumping. After taking two balls the pitcher tries to pick me off at first. I jump towards the base in a slide and make it in time. The crowd boos the pitcher for his failed attempt. Next pitch is crushed to deep left and is set over the wall for a home run! The crowd erupts into a frenzy and I jump up and down as I run around the bases. We are both met at home plate in a sea of blue as the bench cleared to met us.

   As we line up to wave at the fans I woke up. As I sat up from this dream I laughed in confusion. As I said before, I am not even a Cubs fan, nor did I do anything that involved the Cubs. The only thing I can think of is that fact that I was on a Chicago sports podcast called Chicago Sports Update that day. I guest hosted a quick segment talking about the upcoming football season and my thoughts on my team the Oakland Raiders. Now the host of the podcast is a huge Chicago White Soxs fan, so that part makes sense. At the end of it all, it was awesome in the dream to be celebrating a World Series win on a team I was playing for. Sorry Cubs fans, it was just a dream. A dream I know Cubs fans have been dreaming of for over 100 years. Don't blame me though, blame that damn Curse Of the Billy Goat!

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